Bade Acche Lagte Hain 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 26th September 2022 Episode starts with Sara says you both listen to me, if you do goofs up, then she will get confused, let Meera handle her, she will answer Pihu, she knows how to tell and what to tell her, please relax, let her get normal, Ram don’t worry, Pihu is safe. Priya asks Ram to go.

He says I won’t go, she will hate me. Priya says she loves you a lot, its okay if you don’t trust her. Ram asks who is to get the blame. Priya says I know. Sara goes. Ram says I don’t want my daughter to hate me. Priya says she tried but your love didn’t let this happen. He says just call me when you find her.

He goes. Sara asks what happened. Priya says Ram thinks Pihu will hate her, I m scared that she will hate me, I kept her away from her dad. Meera explains Pihu why elders keep secrets. She says you also kept a secret, I didn’t get upset, same way, your parents have this secret, they didn’t want to tell you, you shouldn’t get upset.

Pihu says I want to bring them together, will my wish get fulfilled. Meera says yes, that’s why you met them. Ram says I will call Vikrant. Nandini comes and says I came here myself for your sake. He says its okay, thanks. She asks how is Pihu. He says she is fine, she doesn’t want to talk to Priya and me.

She says its your mistake to tell that to her. He says I got angry. She says you should have talked to me. Meera continues explaining Pihu about Navratri puja, Maa Durga taking birth as Parvati, Narad told that she will get married to Shiv, but she has to do a Tapp, Parvati did the Tapasya, Brahma ji got assured that she loves Shiv a lot, he blessed her that she will marry Shiv in this birth also.

She says Maa Durga blesses such people who are determined. Pihu says I will pray and then get my family, what if they didn’t agree. Meera says they both love you a lot, way won’t be easy, but if you trust devimaa, then your win is certain. Ram says I won’t file for custody. Vedika says Pihu didn’t talk to anyone when she knew you are her dad. Nandini asks what truth will Priya tell Pihu,

she won’t say. Ram says I want to believe that there is a reason behind her move. Nandini says I have a reason to make custody papers, I will fight even you for this. She leaves. Ram thinks Priya don’t do anything that I m proved wrong in mom’s eyes. Sandy talks to Sara on call. Shubham comes and asks her to take a leave. She says no, I will handle the work, I m clueless, what will happen ahead.

She says its about Pihu. He says Ram and Priya should talk to her, does Pihu hate Ram. She says no one hates Ram in our house. He asks will Meera convince Pihu to like Ram. She says Pihu is a kid, I can’t say. He goes. Adi and Vikrant look on. They think what was happening.

Krish meets Priya. He says even Ram won’t be in peace. She says I have to think if my truth will affect someone, you are doing a lot for me, do I deserve this, you are my friend, Ram is… He says Ram is your love, and Pihu also. She asks what did Pihu say when you met her. Vedika asks Ram what did Pihu say.

Ram says I don’t know. She says I m really sorry. He says you don’t need to be. She says you need my help. He says I don’t want to go to court. She says fine, we won’t go, I will talk to Nandini, message Priya and ask if Pihu came there. Krish says she asked me why didn’t I tell her, her happiest moment became a sad one, why.

Priya says I don’t know what she is undergoing. Ram messages Priya. She replies Pihu didn’t come home till now. Ram says I have a meeting, we will talk later. Vedika says sure. She goes. Ram thinks if we had faith, then we would have not doubted. Priya says how will there be faith, I won’t let Nandini win this game.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Krish says Ram has sent the custody summon. Priya says I will go. Ram says Priya has to tell this to me if she wants the custody. Judge asks Pihu what does she want. Pihu says I want both my parents.


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