Bade Acche Lagte Hain 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 27th September 2022 Episode starts with Priya saying I will not let Pihu get tangled in the complications. Ram asks did Adi come. The man says yes, shall I send him inside. Ram says no, let it be. He thinks shall I trust him or not. Nandini and Vedika come. Vedika says Ram doesn’t want to go to court, its fine.

Adi and Shubham come there. They all tell Ram about the custody. Nandini asks Adi to just leave, its not his matter. Adi says its not like you are thinking, Priya and your friends didn’t cheat you, think about it, Priya doesn’t want to make Pihu away from you, this is the truth. Priya gets the papers delivered. Ram also gets the papers. He checks and says custody hearing today.

Priya says I will go to court if Ram wants. Nandini says we will go for the sole custody now. Adi asks Ram not to do this. Ram says she wants custody, she has to tell this to me. He goes. Pihu prays at the temple.

Ram and Priya come to the court and argue. Priya says I was waiting for you to answer my call. Ram says you have sent me the notice. She says you have sent it. They show the notices. Pihu says Meera said one who helps oneself, you help them. She gets Matarani chunri and smiles. Meera asks her to see, Devimaa blessed her.

Ram and Priya meet the judge. They argue. Priya says your mom likes to play games, she would be doing this. Ram says she won’t do this. Judge asks can’t you see, I m here, this case isn’t of any sole custody, you both didn’t apply for it. Nandini asks who sent the notice, Vedika, did you do anything.

Vedika says no, I think Priya did this. Nandini says then we don’t need to do anything. Shubham says no, its not Priya. Nandini says I have a headache. Priya asks who did this. Judge shows Pihu coming. Ram and Priya talk to Pihu. Pihu says you both are confused, not me, I want what’s written on this paper.

Meera comes and says she wants joint custody. Pihu says yes, I want to stay with both of them, just talk to my lawyer. Lawyer comes. Ram asks what. Lawyer says they can’t talk to my client directly. Ram says Pihu is a kid, she doesn’t know the spelling of a lawyer. Pihu says lawyer. Ram says you taught her well. He eats the stress pills.

Pihu gives him water. Lawyer says Ram is trying to talk to my client. Ram says you have to understand this. They try to talk to Pihu. Pihu asks the judge to see them. Judge says she is a kid, you both are mature, respect the court. Ram asks can you accept the case if she sues us, without any guardian.

Priya asks why would I sue myself. Meera says I have signed the documents legally, this case will be an example for those kids who don’t want to get torn between the parents. Pihu says I don’t want them to fight, I also want a happy family, they both fight and I got sad, I don’t want a family like Sagar.

Ram asks who is he. Priya says he is her friend, he stays separately with his mum and dad. Pihu says I want both my parents. Judge accepts the case. Ram asks what did we do. Judge says Pihu Sood… Ram says Pihu Ram Kapoor. Judge says she just got to know that Ram is her dad, she isn’t happy, she knows her parents don’t want to get back together, she is troubled by your attitude,

I accept this case. Pihu says I want both the parents. Judge says she will decide if she wants to stay with both, either of you or none. Ram asks how is this okay. Judge says she will give me the report every week, I will meet her and handle this case personally. Ram thinks there is no problem.

Priya thinks Pihu won’t get happy with money. Judge asks Ram to not use money to win Pihu. She asks Priya not to pamper Pihu with love to win her favor. She asks the lawyer Chadda to handle the case and give all the necessary info. She asks Pihu to talk to Chadda. Adi and Vikrant get Sara’s message. They rush. Lawyer asks Pihu to not get scared. Ram says we are not any dacoit. Pihu says they won’t tell me anything, I have Sara and Meera with me, you can go.


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