Bade Acche Lagte Hain 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 28th October 2021 Episode starts with Ram getting angry on Shubham. Brinda and Priya come to the farmhouse. Priya likes it and thinks its so beautiful and big, they really have much money. Brinda says I will call Adi and ask him where is he. Priya says Ram would be confused about the clothes.

Brinda teases her. She goes to call Adi. Priya sees Ram and his family pics. She says why does Ram think that he needs to prove his love to his family, why. Ram says Priya and her family were accused because of him. Nandini says don’t take Neetu seriously. He asks what about Shubham, how would Meera know it, we all accused them when Akki disappeared, Shubham will apologize. Shubham refuses. Ram says you will.

Akki calls Priya and thanks her. He says I m very happy, Shivi never asks me anything, but its my duty to keep her happy. She asks him to come fast. He asks how shall I surprise her. She asks how can I say. He says I don’t want to ask Maitri, you tell me. She asks him to ask Ram, he has cheesy ideas, see, he watches Maine pyaar kiya even today. He says genius, I will go on the terrace and give Shivi a surprise, thanks Ram. She says I gave this idea, don’t give him the credit. He says stop being jealous. She ends the call.

Ram asks was there any reason for doing this. Vedika comes and says there was a reason, Shubham is your brother. Ram says he has no right to do wrong. Adi thinks how did Vedika come here. Vedika thinks Shubham is kiddish, he can make mistake, Priya’s sister got hurt, I should say sorry, Sid came here drunk on sangeet night, he wanted to do a drama, Shubham handled it.

Nandini says Shubham didn’t wish your surprise for Priya to get spoiled, he saw Sid there and went to drop him home, Sandy got hurt. Vedika says I m sorry. Nandini says no, I should have told sorry to Ram. She cries. Ram says don’t cry. Ram asks why didn’t you tell me. Shubham says I didn’t to trouble you.

Ram asks about the producer. She says he made a mistake. Vedika says no, he had a reason to do this, Ram should know this. Brinda tells Priya about Ram. She tells about the friends. She praises Ram who just loved one. Priya says I know. Brinda says I forget that I shouldn’t talk. Priya asks what about dinner. Brinda says we will order, everyone will have different things. Priya says we will make food till they come.

Brinda says I don’t know cooking. Priya says okay. Brinda says but we will make it, Ram will like your handmade food. Vedika shows the video to Ram and Adi. They get shocked. Adi says he is Raj, Priya’s stepbrother. Nandini asks why did you show the video. Vedika says Ram was misunderstanding you,

I don’t want this. Ram asks did you know this. Nandini says I just knew that you fell sick because of someone, I wanted to know who is he, Shubham found out, Vedika helped him, Shubham was much scared, you are his brother, you were leaving your marriage for his sake, can’t he do this for you. Shubham says its fine if Shivi has to leave her BF, put me in jail, sorry. Ram asks is Raj in the jail. Nandini says no, we don’t want more drama, Shubham was much scared, he made a mistake, his intention was not wrong.

Vedika says Shubham did wrong just to save his sister. Shubham says stop this marriage, I don’t want Shivi to go to that house, she isn’t safe there. Ram asks how can we stop the marriage. Nandini asks can you guarantee that no one will hurt her there. Ram says Meera and everyone are there, Akki loves her. She asks Adi to say.

Adi says sorry, she is right, we all were with you, even then Raj did it, you could have died, Shivina will be alone there, its not safe. Vedika says yes, this is dangerous, you want to see Shivi happy, when you are in love, you think that’s the person, I chose the guy whom he selected for me, I thought if I can stay without love, but now… Ram says but you are happy now. She asks him to decide.

Nandini says we will support Shivi after a heartbreak, can you let her go there, she isn’t safe there, did you think of this. Ram cries. He recalls Shivi. Shivi calls Ram and asks him to come to her room. Priya makes food. She says Ram impresses everyone, Meera loves me a lot, Ram can’t win her. Brinda says Ram loves Meera and wants her love, because… She thinks Ram doesn’t get love in his family.

Priya says I have made this for everyone. Brinda smiles and says you said this marriage is a compromise for you, you have made all this for Ram. Ram thinks I wanted Shivi to get her love. Priya says I have no expectations from this marriage, Ram did a lot for me and my family, I thought what to do to thank him. Brinda says very sweet. Ram sees Shivi preparing the surprise for Akki. He thinks sorry Shivi, I have to break your heart. She shows the decorations.

She says I m so happy. Ram thinks how shall I break your heart. Adi gets Brinda’s pics. Brinda writes…. see what all Priya cooked for Ram, tell me, is this a marriage of compromise. Ram says its perfect. He hugs Shivi and leaves. Adi asks why didn’t you talk to her. Ram says I can’t, I have to find another way. Nandini gets angry. She asks how can we send Shivi there. Adi says we can buy a house for Akki. Ram says Akki won’t agree. Adi says we will tell them that we are scared and want Shivi’s safety, they have to listen to us. Nandini says yes, I want to talk to Ram alone. Adi says its okay. He goes.

Nandini says I know you can’t break Shivi’s heart. Ram says we will keep conditions and see. Nandini says you know how your marriage is running with conditions. Ram recalls Priya. Nandini says you and Priya are mature, our Shivi is a kid, she is impulsive, she doesn’t think well, Akki’s career is starting now, you know actors’ lives, can you guarantee that Akki will take his life’s tough decisions well, if they get married then… I know a mum’s fears, marriage with conditions won’t keep them or us happy.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram says we have to break Shivi and Akki’s marriage, I have a reason for this. Priya says we got married for their sake, I will get them married. She leaves. Ram stops her. They fall down.


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