Bade Acche Lagte Hain 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 28th September 2022  Episode starts with Pihu thanking Chadda for help. Chadda goes. Sara says I will get cup cakes and coffee. Ram says I feel stressed. Ram and Pihu have the cupcakes. Priya says we are sorry, but you don’t need to go to lawyer. Pihu asks will you stay together.

She says I know you won’t agree so I did this. Priya asks how do you know. Pihu says I heard Ram saying about suing someone. Ram says its done now, what to do now, have the cupcakes, you have to decide where to go.

Pihu says I was happy to know that you are y dad. Ram gets emotional and hugs her. He gives her a flying kiss. Pita se hai naam…plays…. Ram thinks Pihu loves me, this is enough. Adi and Vikrant come there. Ram turns away. Sara says you know Pihu sued Ram and Priya. Ram gets upset and goes.

Vikrant says we can’t help him when he doesn’t regard us anything. Priya comes come. She asks why did Meera support Pihu. Krish says Pihu has done a great job. Priya says you are encouraging her. Pihu says he is my best friend. Meera goes to take tea. Priya says you have done wrong today.

Pihu says sorry and hugs her. Priya says I hid the truth from you, I m sorry, its not Ram’s mistake, he is upset that you came here, I have no answer, but you have to think of the present instead the past. She asks Pihu not to do anything again. She thinks I will explain her what Ram and I are just a past now. Sara comes and asks why are you stressed, Pihu.

Meera says I will just have tea and some peace. Sara sits to explain Priya. She says Ram’s friends tried to talk to him but he left. Priya says its Ram’s mistake to trust his mom. Sara says you have made us away from your life, even then we didn’t give up and reached you, Ram also wants your support.

Sara says just think of the one who is the father of your daughter. Nandini comes to meet Ram. She says Priya didn’t send Pihu to you, she kept Pihu away from you for five years. Ram says whatever Priya did, why did you do this with me, you knew that Priya is carrying my baby, you didn’t tell me truth, you made me believe that its Krish’s baby,

Priya told this to me, why would she lie to me, you lied to me, I got my answer in your silence, I felt lucky to have friends, love and family, I lost everything, my daughter sued me, I m alone, Priya cheated me, you knew the truth, you also cheated me. She says sorry, I asked Priya to say that to you, I didn’t understand anything, I was angered after losing Shivi, but later I realized, I wanted to rectify my mistake,

but Priya left, I tried much, I m sorry. She lies. She says I did wrong. Ram says Pihu isn’t with me, where would I go, don’t hide anything from me again. She says I won’t do this again, I will rectify my mistake, its Dussehra tomorrow, your Vanvas will end, Pihu will be with us, until we will not go to Kapoor mansion. He says you can’t force her.

She says no, it’s a promise, she will be with us, give me a chance. He says never hide anything. She says never. She calls Tarun and says shift our luggage to the hotel, ask Shubham to talk to me, I will do what you say. She hugs him. She thinks I have to do this to win Ram’s trust again.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pihu hugs Ram and asks him to make Raavan. Ram helps Priya and gets close to her.


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