Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd November 2021 Episode starts with Ram pulling back Priya. They fall down. They get up. He says you got us locked inside. She asks what. He says the door will not open now. She says anyone can come and help. Nandini asks Meera and everyone to leave. Shiva asks what’s happening, Ram can never do this. Sarika says no more insults now, keep your daughter with you.

She asks Akki to come with her. Shivi asks him to stop. Sarika takes him. Shivi asks why didn’t you stop them. Shubham says they aren’t good for you. Shivi asks for Ram. Priya argues with Ram. He asks how do you get to know this. She says I convinced Akki to come and meet Shivi, what’s all this now, you can’t decide it alone.

He says I m Shivi’s brother, this decision will affect all, but I have to decide right for her. She asks why did Akki become wrong for you. He says this marriage isn’t real. She says you call me rude, you act charming, then taunt me, you just want to become a hero, you can get your sister married to anyone for a business deal.

He shouts. She says I trusted you, you did fraud, you cancelled the marriage behind my back, I knew this will happen, men have it in their nature to cheat. He says I m not like Mahender, I have a reason.

She says their marriage was a reason for our marriage, what about it. He says I promised hat I will not break this marriage. She says I didn’t promise such. Adi and Brinda come. Brinda says finally, you got free from this cage. Priya says yes, we got free now. She leaves. Brinda asks what’s happening, why did you cancel Shivi’s marriage, why did Priya leave, answer me. Adi says come with me, we will talk later. She says no, answer me first. Priya says does Akki know about this.

Rakhi comes and says you thought you will marry Ram and all your dreams will get true. She scolds Priya. Priya argues. Rakhi says Akki would have got married, but he involved you in this, your birth is your biggest mistake. She insults Priya. Priya says you will never understand us. Rakhi says you are a curse. Priya cries. They argue. She asks Rakhi to please go. Rakhi disappears. Priya thinks I have promised Sarika, I have to save this marriage from breaking, I will talk to Ram again.

Brinda asks Ram to answer her. Priya comes back and says calm down Priya, don’t fight Ram, I will ask the matter and find a solution, this marriage can’t break. Ram asks what shall I tell, I wanted to get Shivi married, there is some reason. Brinda asks the reason.

He says fine, hear it, but I won’t change my decision, I m cancelling this decision because of Sood family, Mahender tried to break my marriage, Neeraj is also there, Priya isn’t wrong, but her family isn’t wrong. Priya looks on. Adi says Ram is saying right. Priya cries and goes. Brinda asks Ram is this his thinking or his mom’s thinking. Ram says mom doesn’t want this marriage to happen, I can’t refuse to her. He goes.

Priya cries and thinks mum had tried all life to not let our lives get affected because of our dad. Ram thinks if Priya knows Raj did this, then she won’t let him go. He calls her out. She thinks I will never forgive you. They leave.

Nandini comes to Shivi’s room. She calls her out. She checks the window. She says oh God. She shouts Shubham. He comes. She says Shivi has run away. He asks where. She says don’t know. She calls Shivi. Akki and Shivi are on the way. Shivi says I don’t want to talk to you. Nandini says you can’t do such middle class things, come back.

Shubham says I will kill Akki. Shivi says go easy, I m not any property, I m an adult, I can marry my fiance. She ends call. Shubham says I will find Akki. He calls the producer. He asks him to find out Akki, he has run away, he won’t come for the shoot. He says I will not invest in the movie. The producer says I will do what you say. Shubham tells some plan.

Ram and Priya are on the way. They listen the radio. Kal ho na ho….plays… They think of each other. She thinks he became a hero in front of mum, what will he do now. Nandini calls Ram. She says Akki has run away with Shivi. He asks what. Akki and Shivi come to the marriage registrar office. He asks her to relax. She says something happened, else Ram would have not decided this, our marriage won’t happen.

He says our marriage will happen. Meera calls Akki and asks where are you, your producer’s man came and gave a notice for you, you have to go for the shoot, else you have to pay 50 lakhs. Akki says it was written in the contract. Meera asks what will we do. Akki says I will talk to you. Shivi says my family is doing this. He asks her to calm down.

Akki gets Priya’s voice message. She asks him to go for the shoot. She says Shivi, please let Akki go for the shoot, I will talk to everyone, we will find some way, go home. Shivi hugs Akki and asks him to go. He says I would have married right away, but I have a commitment, Priya is with us, don’t worry, our marriage will happen. Adi says I have called the police station, we will find Akki and Shivi. Priya says no need, Akki is dropping Shivi and going back for the shoot. Shubham says he doesn’t have money to pay the producer, I m saving my sister. She asks from whom, from the man she loves.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shivi argues with Ram. Vedika asks Ram to sign the annulment papers. Ram thinks. Priya comes there.


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