Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd September 2021 Episode starts with Shashi asking Ram to listen to him. Ram says lets just sort this out, your brother has trust issues, a relation has nothing if there is no trust. Priya calls Akki. She comes to the gym. She says I have the card, but its not here, my brother works inside, ask him. The lady asks her to leave. Priya sees the lady going on call. She writes a note and goes inside. She looks for Akki. She sees Akki with Shivi. She calls him out. Shivi says sorry, I was going. Priya says you got engaged today, what are you doing with Akki. She says this is cheating, you are the second man in this situation. Shivi says I don’t want to marry, my family is forcing me, you will never me again then. Akki says please help us. Ram and everyone come to the gym. The lady says please stop, you can’t go. He says my sister is inside. He gets in.

He doesn’t see Shivi or anyone there. He asks Sid where is Shivi. Shubham says I will call her. Akki asks Shivina to stop having chips. Priya says you had to stay together, why did you break up. Shivi says he did it. He says I told you, I will become a star first and then come to talk about our alliance. They argue. Priya says your talks are pointless. Sid says I swear, I m not lying, Shivi isn’t here, she is cheating on me. Shashi asks Sid to stop it. Ram says you are marrying her, she isn’t any employee. He goes to the lady and asks her to show records of guests. He says I will call the gym owner, show me the records. She tells about Shivi and says another person is Priya. Ram asks Sid did he hear it. Priya says your family will be tracing you by checking gym register. Akki says don’t worry, I used Priya’s card. Priya says I thought I lost my card, do you know, what do you want to go. Shivi says we want to run away, else they will cage now. Priya says think whom you want to marry. Shivi says Ram wants me to marry his friend’s brother. Priya says it means love and compatibility are out of question. Vedika says wait Ram. Ram says Sid doesn’t trust Shivi. Vedika says Sid is worrying for her, he loves Shivi.

Ram says like I understand love, I hope maybe someone else understands it, love means faith, there is no love without faith. Priya says your family is strange, they are forcing you for marriage. Shivi says Ram thinks just he is right. Priya says you have to convince the family, think about it, what do you want, I will support you. Shashi says sorry Ram, Sid is a donkey, we should find out. Ram says just Priya Sood’s name was there, anyway, its over. Shashi says chill. Ram says she is my sister. Shashi says I will handle Sid, we will meet in sangeet tomorrow. Sid gets angry on Raj. He says Shivi wasn’t there, I know she is cheating me, it was a good chance to expose her, you didn’t know about the guy. Raj says I m sure she met the guy at the gym. Sid says there was no guy there, just Priya…. Raj asks Priya Sood, she is my stepsister. Sid says I want concrete info against Shivi, get info for me.

Raj says it happened because of Priya. His mum asks him to apply icepack to his face. She asks Mahender to not sit upset, just go and scold his first wife and his daughters. Mahender says Priya has to answer for this, I will teach them a lesson. Ram asks am I a thief, how did he come to check on me, am I marrying him or becoming his servant. Ram consoles her and says I m with you. Shubham says I don’t think she was with a girl, this is drama, I really don’t care. He goes. Nandini says its okay, calm down. Shivi says I don’t want to marry that doubting man. Nandini says calm down, Ram I will take care of her, don’t worry.

Ram says if dad was here, then he would have done this, am I doing right. She says you can never do wrong. Nandini says you want to marry that gym guy, he has no status. Shivi says its last reason to marry for money, I do love him. Priya gets the car number plate. She says anyway, its old memories, mum shouldn’t see all this. She keeps the bag in the cupboard. Its morning, Priya stays busy. She gets a call. The man says Mahender refused from paying EMIs, come to the bank. Priya says Mahender refused to pay the EMI, we will lose the bakery, I have to go. Ram meets the guests.

Nandini welcomes her brother and Bhabhi. Ram hugs Mama and Mami. Mama says we will go after Shivi’s vidaai. Shashi and Vedika come with Sid. Shashi asks Sid to smile a bit. Ram sees Vedika. Sid says I m sorry, I was worried that I would lose Shivi. Nandini says welcome, you should be happy in your sangeet, come, Shivina is waiting for you. Shivi gets ready. She hides her purse. Nandini compliments her. Vrinda says I could have fixed a date for you. Ram sees Vedika. Vrinda says I have a big issue in my life, ask Adi to say sorry. Vrinda stops him. He asks her to dance with Adi. His friends stop him from going to Vedika. Ram greets Vedika. She says its okay, I just came to say thanks for giving another chance to this relation. He says Shivi wants this, I do what she wants. She goes. He asks for food. Ram says Shashi knows everything about us, even then he didn’t tell anything, they are perfect for each other. Vrinda asks him to come and have food.

Shivi comes. Vrinda says why did she wear sports shoes. Shubham says sports shoes. Shivi says its comfortable to dance. Sid asks where were you last night. She asks don’t you know, in my boyfriend’s arms, you imagined this right. The lady announces Sid and Shivi’s dance. They dance on bareilly wala jhumka…. Everyone dances on medley songs. Shashi and Vedika dance on Hawayein…. Ram claps for them. He gets sad. He cries. His friends look on.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shivi runs away. Raj says I have seen Shivi running away, Priya is my cousin. Ram comes to meet Priya. Ram and Priya argue. She says yes, we kidnapped Shivi.


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