Bade Acche Lagte Hain 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 30th August 2022 Episode starts with Pihu explaining the rounds of the game. She wishes Ram all the best. Ram thanks her and hugs. Krish hugs Pihu and says I will miss you a lot, you know I love you a lot, what’s the prize. Pihu says me, the winner will go on an adventure with me.

Ram thinks I will win. Krish thinks I have to win to get a chance to spend time with you. They play the game. Ram holds Priya’s hand. Everyone claps. Krish thinks you had to get Priya. Ram says your bangles gave me my answer. Priya says I didn’t say yes. He says you didn’t say no, I want you and Pihu.

She says she loves Krish, he took care of her when I was in jail for two years. He says yes, he will take care, he is her dad. She goes and says sorry to Krish. Krish says its okay, Radha is of Krishna. Priya gives him the clue. Krish thinks Yashoda, her relation was just like, me and Pihu’s relation.

They go to Meera. Meera says your second hint is in this pot. Priya says Krish feels nausea whenever he eats butter. Pihu goes and says sorry to Krish. Krish says its fine, I m Kanha now. Ram and Krish eat the butter to empty the pot. Pihu says I want to go with Ram, but Krish will feel bad, so I want both of them to win, Krish always does everything for me, it will be wrong if I m not with him.

Ram thinks Pihu cares for family’s feelings, she is really like me. Krish wins the round. Everyone claps. Krish breaks the matki. Everyone claps. Pihu gets happy and runs to hug Krish. She says we will go on adventure now. She says sorry, I have to go with Krish now. Priya says Ram got busy in eating.

Priya thinks Krish would be so hurt, but where is he. Vedika comes and says your time is up, deal is done, what are you doing here, you said you will leave, did your principles change or your intentions.

Priya says yes, my way to deal with you has changed, I will break this promise to keep a bigger promise, I will save Ram from you all, I won’t go on your saying, I will go when I want. Vedika says don’t cross your line else… Priya asks will you threaten Ishaan again, what will you do when I stay back and never leave, your truth will come out in front of Ram, so you are scared.

Ram says Pihu is Krish’s daughter, I got selfish and didn’t think of Krish, I just wish that Pihu and Krish get happiness on this trip, I saw the pain in his eyes when he said yes for Priya and my union. Krish comes and says I know you lost intentionally, why did you pity me, Priya will return in your life, I said yes for Pihu’s sake, I don’t need your sympathy. Ram says I really respect you.

Krish says you don’t like to lose in front of the one you hate. Ram says I used to hate you before, not now, I did that for Pihu, its not any pity, her happiness was in your winning. Krish asks why do you want to get Priya in your life again, why do you want to accept her daughter. Ram says she is your blood, not mine. Krish thinks Priya has a right to tell the truth to Ram, it’s the right time.

Ram says I thought to hate Pihu when I meet her, but no, she became a part of my life, I feel we have some unsaid relation, she looks like family, I didn’t think of getting attached to her. Krish says but you got attached. Ram says she has won my heart, she made me meet myself again.

He says Priya was also connected to me, so she didn’t unite with you, you both had a chance and reason also, maybe this happened so that Priya, Pihu and I get together, give me a chance, I can’t live without them, I swear I will keep Pihu happy, you will have a right on Pihu, will you give me a chance to take care of her. Krish thinks caring Ram is back. He asks what about the hatred here.

Ram says I promise, I will protect them. Krish hopes Priya tells the truth. Priya says I will tell him the truth. Vedika threatens Priya. She says Ishaan was never my target, you are my target, I will make you out of Ram’s life. Priya and Vedika argue. Vedika deletes the video and says you may save Ishaan,

I will help you, you didn’t do anything, but we will tell Pihu that you did the crime, you went to jail, Nandini will tell this to Pihu, we will hurt Pihu and you will cry, it will be so much fun. She goes. Ishaan hears this and thinks I can’t give this pain to Pihu, I have to make this fine, there is just one way.

Sara gets Ishaan’s letter. He writes don’t hate me, I won’t return. She worries. She says Ishaan went somewhere. She shows the letter to Vikrant. Sandy asks her to calm down. Meera asks what is he thinking. Sara cries. Krish says don’t worry, nothing will happen to him. Priya asks what happened. Sandy says Ishaan was looking for you, where did he go. Priya thinks did he hear Vedika and my talk.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishaan says Pihu is Ram’s daughter, his blood. Ram hears this and is shocked. He hugs Pihu and cries.


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