Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd September 2021 Episode starts with Mahender and Priya talking to the bank manager. Mahender says ask Akki to help Raj, else you won’t get the bakery. Priya says I will pay the EMI by doing hardwork, I won’t lose the bakery. Manager says fine. Priya says Akki is my brother, I help him. Shivi leaves from the function. She takes the bag. Raj sees her and calls out. She leaves in the taxi. He asks her to stop. Sid slaps Raj. Everyone turns to see. Nandini asks what happened. Sid asks where is Shivina. Ram looks for her. Sid says she isn’t here. Raj says she has run away, I have seen her running, I know the guy and his family, he is cousin of my stepsister, I didn’t know it before. Nandini gets Shivi’s message. She says how can she do this foolishness, if Ram knows that we already knew her affair. Shubham says Ram doesn’t doubt us.

He says Sid, I think someone is trapping her. Raj says I know those people, Priya…. Shashi says Sid said it right. Ram says we will inform the police, come. Shashi says you got us insulted, Sid had apologized that day, its their mistake today. Ram says I will find out where is Shivi, I m responsible for this. He leaves with his friends. Adi says don’t worry, we will get Shivina. Ram says no one forced Shivi, why did she run away, I didn’t understand what she wants, I couldn’t become a good brother, Vedika had to hear all that, she should have not got insulted. Ram goes to Priya’s house. Adi says he forgot his sorrow, he cares for Vedika. Ram knocks the door and calls out Priya. Her mum opens the door. Ram asks for Priya. He sees Shivi and says thank God you are here. Adi says when will Ram forget his past and meet the right person, someone who really loves Ram. Priya asks what’s happening. She comes and asks who are you.

Ram says I need to talk to my sister Shivi. Priya argues with him. Shubham comes and gets angry. Akki asks Shivi not to worry. Ram says Shivi, you should know about mom. Priya asks who are you. Ram gets a headache. Priya says headache happens when you see the truth. Ram says its so hot here, you can fix an AC. She argues. She says Shivi told us that you all torture her. Shivi says it was slip of tongue. Ram says you think I can torture my sister. Priya says I don’t know how you behave with everyone. He says you provoked her to marry your brother. She says she doesn’t want to marry your businessman friend. Ram gets his medicines. Priya says take your Tau ji. Shubham says he is my brother. Ram asks for water to take tablets. He asks is this filtered water. She says its boiled, better than filtered. She asks Shivi to say, do they torture her. Shivi says no. Ram says thanks for the melodrama, come Shivi. Priya says return the glass. Ram says let me finish the water. She takes the glass. He takes Shivi.

They come home. Nandini and Shubham scold Shivi. Mami says Shivi is trapped, file a fraud case. Ram says you agreed for this decision, dad asked me to keep you happy, I m trying to do that, you look sad, who is that guy, is anyone forcing you, you can tell me. Shivi says I love him, I know Sid is perfect, I know how imp Vedika is to you, my heart just beats for Akki, he didn’t stop me knowing about my engagement, I still want him, I love him more, my one sided love is also love, its enough, I tried very hard, I m not able to feel love for Sid, I went to meet Akki at the gym, he said he isn’t ready for me, I m ready so I went to his house, its not his mistake, sorry for troubling you, I love him. Ram says no one will tell her anything. He goes. Nandini asks where are you going.

Priya says I want Akki to do the right thing. Her mum asks how did you talk to Ram. Priya says Ram isn’t sensible. Her mum says I called your Mama, he will come and decide for Akki. Priya says Akki is my brother, don’t expect lies from me. Ram comes to meet Vedika. He says I came to talk about Shivi. He cries and says Shivi doesn’t want to marry Sid. He drinks the coffee. She consoles him. He says men don’t cry. She says just strong men can cry, did you meet that guy. He says no. She says then meet him, there should be a love story which isn’t incomplete. She goes crying. She says Shivi should marry the guy she loves, money and status don’t matter, love is enough. He says you are always right. She says I m sorry. He leaves. She cries.

Adi talks to Vrinda. He says don’t call now, there is tension. He says Ram is in much tension, he worries a lot for Shivi, we should help her. The guy says we will check the guy’s family background. The police comes there. They go to see. Priya asks is she serious for you. Akki says she wanted to marry me, she got engaged to someone when I refused, I don’t know what she wants. She sees the police at the door. Inspector says we got a complaint, you and Akki tried to kidnap Shivi. She says we didn’t kidnap anyone. Adi says stop, you have a misunderstanding, go. Priya asks who are you. Adi says I m Ram’s friend. The guy calls Shubham and says police has come to Akshay’s house, does Ram know. Shubham says I sent the police. Priya argues with the inspector. Ram comes. He says Shivi told me that she went by her wish. Priya says you have also come now. Ram says I came to talk about Shivi and Akki’s marriage. Priya argues. Ram asks police to go. Akki says forgive me, I can’t marry Shivi until Priya gets married.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya says you shouldn’t hurt a girl. Ram and Priya argue. Vrinda says Kunal and Priya can get married, Kunal is interested in her.


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