Bade Acche Lagte Hain 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 4th July 2022 Episode starts with Minister saying you will marry your business partner to make your image better. Vedika says no, he isn’t marrying me, he is going back to his ex wife, Priya, Pihu needs both of them.

Ram says I will be praised like a perfect family man, didn’t you see the video, you can’t do anything, deal will be mine. Minister nods. He leaves. Ram thanks Vedika for coming. She says I was feeling guilty, thanks, I m feeling much better by helping you.

She goes. Adi says thank God, you didn’t agree to marry Vedika. Ram asks will Priya listen to me. Vikrant says your misunderstanding will end. Ram leaves. Krish checks the door, saying Ishaan might have come. Meera asks did Ram go to talk to Priya. Sara says don’t know, Priya will be ready to talk or not.

Vikrant says I wasn’t sure. Meera asks did Nandini and Shubham agree. Sandy says yes. Adi asks how can we convince Priya. Meera says Priya can do anything for Ram. Ishaan looks on. Krish sees Ram at the door. He says we won’t want to know about the video. Ram says I have come to talk to Priya.

They argue. Krish says I won’t call her. Ram knocks the door. He looks for Priya. Krish asks Ram to get out of his house. Ram says I think Priya isn’t at home. Krish says she is here, but why didn’t she come out. He knocks the door and asks are you fine, Priya. Ram says break the door. Krish and Ram break the door.

They get inside. They see a letter. Ram gives it to Krish. Krish reads the letter… I m going very far, just I know this address, I wanted to go there alone. Ram imagines Priya. Krish says Priya was disturbed, she thought Pihu can know about her, she left, she doesn’t want anyone to find her.

Sara asks what, she left. Meera asks who left. Sara says Priya went somewhere, Krish said she left a letter, she asked us not to find her. Sandy asks what will we do now. Adi says there is one way. Ishaan prays.

Ram comes home and sees Brinda. She says you will scold me now, I m doing this for mom and Shubham, I can’t lose them, Priya is my last hope, she left me again, I think I m done, tell me what you want to say. Brinda says I know just you can know where she can go, where does she get peace.

He says I wish I knew her well. She asks him to think well. He says she didn’t tell anyone, she had no time to plan, she was scared that her daughter can see that. Brinda says just you would know where she can go.

He says she wanted to run away from me, she wanted freedom. He recalls Priya’s words. He asks where would you like to go with me. She says I want to go where the sun and sea meet, I like the refreshing feeling of sea tides touching the feet, that feeling comes on beach, I always wanted to go to Goa.

Priya and Pihu are on the way. Pihu dances. Priya kisses her. Pihu says you are the world’s best travel partner, this adventure is the best, its fun. Ram recalls Priya’s words. Priya sees the freedom coupon and thinks we had to run away, I hope its my last lie.

She recalls Ram’s words. She says no one can find us. Ram follows the truck. He stops the truck. She gets down the truck and goes to see. She sees Ram and recalls their old moment. Bade acche…plays…

Ram asks Priya not to go please. She asks what happened, is everything fine. He says I need your help. Vedika says I had no choice, why was Shubham helpless. Nandini says Sandy did this, Shubham is taking the credit.

Shubham says yes, its fine to hug an enemy to save ourselves, Priya and Ram were an ideal couple, you and Ram would look fake, Vedika. Vedika says Pihu’s truth might come out. He says we have to take a risk. Ram says we can go and have a talk, trust me, I will not tell anyone, I will drop you.

Priya says okay, but Pihu is sleeping, she doesn’t know about you, she will question, she doesn’t like you. He says okay, we can’t talk here. He asks truck driver if he wants his car, and exchange his truck. Priya asks what, I will get Pihu and sit in the car. Ram gives his car to the truck driver. The man thanks Ram. Ram asks Priya to come. She says I will sit behind, Pihu can wake up.

Ram sanitizes the truck and drives. Adi asks Ram did you get Priya. Ram says yes, I m driving a truck, I will call you.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya says I will come before minister comes. Ram says I will pick up Pihu, Krish may feel bad. Vedika says Priya will use her child and tell Ram about it. Nandini says I won’t let this happen. Ram meets Pihu.


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