Bade Acche Lagte Hain 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 5th September 2022 Episode starts with Vedika saying its good that we got the reports in Brinda’s bag. Brinda says I didn’t hide anything, I took the DNA samples for the test, the reports can’t be found in my bag, why would I hide it. Vedika asks did Priya ask you to hide it. Ram says Priya is here.

He asks Priya about the DNA reports, is this true or not. Priya says I was going to tell you, I don’t know about this report. Brinda says she is saying right, I did this test. She asks Vedika to shut up. Nandini asks why didn’t you tell me. Shubham says Priya told you. Ram says Priya has kept Pihu away from me, I was begging to Krish to get my daughter,

Pihu is already my daughter. He asks Brinda why didn’t she tell him. Brinda says we came to tell you. Vedika says it’s a lie, the report is dated four days ago. Adi says we got it today. Priya asks Vedika to shut up. Nandini says I gave a right to Vedika to ask. Priya says I won’t answer about my daughter.

Ram says about our daughter, why didn’t they tell me. Shubham asks what games are you playing, just because we were helpless, you filled poison in Pihu’s mind. Priya says stop it. Ram says you are saying this, she hates me. Priya says no, she loves you. He says you asked my friends to hide this truth. Adi says no, this report came today. Vedika says this report is duplicate, you all want to fool Ram.

Shubham asks how can you do this. He says Vikrant, Sara told you, why did you hide. Adi says Sara made him swear. Brinda says Sara is his wife. Nandini says you got married two days back, but Ram is your friend since years, Ram got Vikrant married, he did Sara’s kanyadaan also, you all cheated my Ram.

She cries. She says Pihu is my granddaughter, we raise her with so much pampering, why did Priya cheat you Ram. Priya asks did you forget you had threatened me. Nandini asks will you blame me for this also, you snatched my daughter and then you snatched Ram’s daughter from him, are you not ashamed, don’t hurt my Ram more, I beg you, just go. Priya says stop acting, please, you should be ashamed. Ram says you are lying to us, I won’t come in your words now.

Shubham says we never did so bad with you. Priya scolds him. Ram says stop it Priya, you can’t talk to my brother like this, you lied to me, you left me. Adi and Vikrant ask him to listen to Priya. Brinda says Priya doesn’t lie. Vedika says you are supporting her. Ram asks them to leave.

Priya says I m saying the truth, Nandini threatened me, why would I keep my daughter away from her dad. Ram says she is my daughter as well, what did Nandini tell you, tell me, you should be ashamed, Nandini lost her daughter, when she got to know about your pregnancy, she sent me to meet you, tell me, what did she say. Priya thinks I can’t let them win. She says I will tell you the entire truth.

Nandini says enough, I m fighting with depression and anxiety, I won’t let Ram come in your words, he has a right to stay happy, I may break the promise given to Ram. He asks Vedika to go and get Pihu downstairs. Priya says stop, why. Nandini says I have to tell Pihu about you, you forced me to do this.

Priya says no. Nandini says I m done with you, I can’t tolerate more, you know what, if you don’t want me to tell the truth to Pihu, then leave from here without Pihu. Priya asks what did she say. Ram says Priya is Pihu’s mum. Nandini says you are her dad, its imp to do this, else she will take away Pihu, you have done many sacrifices, if I get a chance to make you unite with your daughter, I won’t lose that chance,

I will tell Pihu her mum’s truth and make her away, even you can’t stop me this time, what will we do if she does this again. Priya says you can’t snatch my daughter. Nandini says it won’t be needed when I say that you were in jail, she won’t live with you.

Adi, Vikrant and Brinda ask Ram to stop Nandini, and listen to Priya. Ram says I don’t want your advice, you all cheated me, I shared my feelings with Vikrant about Pihu, Vikrant didn’t tell me the truth, you lied, I have my daughter and family, I don’t need you guys, get out.

He asks Priya to get out. Priya says no, I won’t let her stay here alone. Nandini asks why not, you deserve this, you have to pay a price for this, you have given pain to my son, you have to bear it as well, I know the pain of losing a child, I can feel my son’s pain, now you will feel it, Pihu will leave with us.

Priya says no, I will take Pihu with me. Nandini scolds her. Priya says you said you will protect Pihu. Ram says yes, I m protecting her from you. He asks are you that Priya who I loved, you said you love Krish, I understood that and left from your life, you stayed in my heart, I used to hate you, but when I saw you,

I couldn’t hate you, my love overpowered my hatred, I loved even Pihu, because she was your daughter, you snatched my daughter, leave from here before Pihu wakes up. Pihu comes and greets everyone. Priya hugs her and says I love you a lot. Pihu says I know, why are you crying, did Ram fight with you.

Priya looks at Ram. She says no, he didn’t fight, I have to go from here without you, you liked to come here, you want to stay here. Pihu says yes, but with you. She says I have to go for some work. Priya says you can do this for Ram. Pihu says but I want you. Priya says I m in your heart.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meera says watchman told me that they went somewhere, they took Pihu along. Priya runs on the road. She comes in front of Ram’s car. She asks where is Pihu, tell me, else I will take you to the court.


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