Bade Acche Lagte Hain 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 6th September 2022 Episode starts with Priya saying I m in your heart, you will have fun with Ram. Pihu asks Ram did you want to say this. Ram asks will you stay with me, without your mum.

She says yes, its an adventure, it will be fun. Ram says yes. She asks Priya does she really need to go. Priya gets emotional. She hugs Pihu. Ram takes Pihu with him. Mithi loriyaan..plays… Priya leaves. Nandini says we broke Priya and Ram totally, even Pihu can’t unite Priya and Ram.

Brinda cries and says I did a lot to get those reports. Vikrant says sorry, I couldn’t say it. Sara asks how did they put the old date. Sandy says yes. Brinda says no use. Priya comes and asks did you all lose. Brinda apologizes. Priya says don’t apologize, its my mistake, I left Ram with those people thinking they will take care of Ram, you all are also wrong, Adi you didn’t do anything for Ram. Adi says its not like that.

Priya says if anyone told Ram that you are his employees, you know what he would do. Vikrant says we didn’t know what to do. Priya says Nandini made us an enemy in his eyes, she emotionally blackmailed him about Shivi, so he isn’t understanding it, we all lost today, its our mistake. Vikrant says its tough, but we can take a chance.

Priya says its tough to tell Pihu that I won’t take her along, its more tough to see Ram getting cheated, none can snatch my Pihu, I will fight, can you fight for Ram, I won’t sit quiet, I will give an answer to Nandini,

she will regret, she asked me to leave from Ram’s life, I broke down, but I was thinking you will care for Ram. Brinda says yes, we failed. Adi and Vikrant get sad. Vikrant says we lost Ram. Priya says we can’t lose, we have to fight, Ram was silently watching everything, he hates me so much.

Meera looks on and says Priya can’t suffer again, I will talk to Ram. She goes to Kapoor mansion. She says I want to talk to Ram and Nandini. Guard says they all left. Meera says where did they go. Priya says you are mistaken, Ram can’t take Pihu anywhere. Meera says watchman told me. Priya says Ram can’t do this. She leaves. She runs on the road and comes in front of Ram’s car. Ram asks her what is she doing. She asks where is Pihu. He says relax, she is at home.

She says you are lying, Meera went there, watchman said that there is no one at home. He says calm down, maybe they went for shopping. She says no, you will make me meet her right now. She sits in the car. He says I m going in an imp meeting. She says take me to her right now. They go home.

Ram says security men also don’t know anything. He recalls her words. Priya says you said Pihu is at home, where is she, tell me, you kidnapped her. He asks do you think so, you didn’t tell me about my daughter, you kept her away. They argue.

She says tell me where is Pihu, else I will take you to court. He says you are threatening me. She says do a father’s duty, find my daughter. He says our daughter, nothing will happen to her, you will be proved wrong. She thinks I was not wrong even that time, your family forced me to lie.

Ram calls Nandini. He says her phone is not reachable. Priya argues. She says someone would be there who can help us. Adi says Priya was always right, we know the truth now, we need to help Priya and Ram. Adi gets Ram’s call. He says it got disconnected. Adi calls back. He says Ram blocked my number.

Priya says wow, you are so mature, you are in school to block your best friend. Ram says its my personal matter. Priya says keep ego aside and call Adi, you can’t do anything without your friends, just find my daughter, I mean our daughter. He thinks she is right, I can’t understand anything without Adi. Adi cries and says Ram blocked my number for the first time, will he never talk to me.

Brinda and Vikrant say he will talk to you. Sandy says I m worried for Priya. Brinda says we have to stay strong, Ram needs us, Krish is coming, he will help us. Vikrant says we were so mean towards him, why will he help us. Krish comes and says I will help, I know how Nandini is manipulating Ram, I promised Priya that I will help her, I want Pihu to stay with her dad. Priya thinks I also want Pihu to stay with her dad, I won’t let Nandini win.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram and Priya argue. Priya says Nandini knew that I m carrying your child, she asked me to lie to you. Ram is shocked.


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