Bade Acche Lagte Hain 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 7th September 2022 Episode starts with Priya saying I m calling my friends, they aren’t your friends. Ram says they didn’t keep friendship. She says Pihu is more imp to me, so I m calling Adi. She calls Adi.

She says I m with Ram, I think Ram and Nandini kidnapped Pihu, can you find out his location. Ram says Pihu is imp to me also, I didn’t do anything. Adi says I will do, I know Ram needs my help but doesn’t want to ask.

She thanks him. Ram says wait and watch, how I find Pihu all alone. She prays. Adi says we have to find Pihu. They all talk about Nandini. Krish says nothing will happen to Pihu, I know how to find her.

Vedika says we should celebrate with champagne. Shubham says yes, but mom said we should be careful. Nandini says we should be careful of Priya. He asks what will she do now. Vedika says she won’t lose easily.

He says Sandy is calling me, we don’t need her. Nandini says no, take her call. He answers. Sandy says sorry, I wanted to tell you about Pihu, I m loyal to you. He says I didn’t expect this from you, what does Priya think of herself, she is blaming my mom. She says sorry, trust me, I also want Pihu to be with her dad.

He asks where is Priya. She says she didn’t come home. He says okay, if you are so loyal, then tell me what Priya is going to do. She promises. He thanks her and ends call. Vedika says this girl is in your control, Shubham.

Krish says good job Sandy, we got Shubham’s exact location. Brinda says he trusted you. Sandy says yes, he was using my ideas since a long time. Krish says we will find out Pihu. Adi says we will tell Priya.

Ram says I won’t go there, mom can’t take Pihu. Priya says no, we can just check. They argue. He feels hungry. He goes to buy some chips. He doesn’t have cash. He thinks I m dependent on Adi, shall I take help from Priya, no,

she will taunt me. Priya takes the car. Ram stops her. She says I m going alone, I have Adi with me. He says its expensive car, get down. She says you worry for the car, not Pihu, your mom kidnapped her, I m going to farmhouse to find her. Ram says I will drive, get down.

She says Pihu doesn’t know that you are her dad. Krish calls her and gives the location to Priya. Priya thanks him. She says they are not at farmhouse, but at some resort. He says Krish did an illegal thing. She says your mom did a crime. He calls the resort reception. Nandini answers.

He asks where did you take my daughter. Nandini asks what do you mean, is she nothing to me. He says you took her without telling anyone. She says I m scared that Priya will take her away. He says we are in tension.

She says my phone got off. Pihu comes and asks about Ram. Shubham says come, he will come, we will see the resort. Nandini says sorry Ram, I know you are upset, I m feeling fine, come here. He says I m coming, take care of Pihu. She says sorry to trouble you, I was going to call. She ends call. Ram says Pihu is safe. Priya scolds him.

Ram says Nandini got this happiness after many years. She says she always knew it that I m carrying your child, she asked me to lie to you, I lied on her saying. Ram is shocked. She says I can’t fight more, all this doesn’t matter now, take me to Pihu right away.

He says no, you want to fight me, I m ready to defend, you blamed my mom, she lost a lot, I will fight you or anyone for my mom and daughter, be careful of your words. Priya says I never married Krish, why, did you think. Ram asks her what was the matter. They argue. She says she came to meet me in the jail.

He says she lost her daughter, when did she come. She says she is using Shivina’s death to make you away from me. He asks did you tell me that Pihu is my daughter, I asked you to come with me, what did you say that. She says I didn’t want you to accept the baby against your heart.

He says you don’t blame my mom, I would have accepted my baby with all my heart, you made your choice, I would have always listened to my heart, I was upset with you but I just loved you, I was loyal always.

She cries. He says this was your love, my love gave me courage to unite our relation, your love broke everything, please don’t say that my mom did this, you chose this. Priya says even my heart is shattered, I curse myself, I don’t call your love a lie, I know I have hidden Pihu’s truth, I didn’t do this to hurt you, why would I come to help you, think.

He says I don’t want to think, I will do what I want to, you snatched a father’s duty, I won’t let you come to her, you won’t come after me. She says fine, but just today, I won’t let you make my daughter away from me forever. She leaves.


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