Bahu Begum 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Bahu Begum Written Upates

Bahu Begum 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bahu Begum 29th November 2019 Episode Start With Adil coming to room no 681 and smiles. He says you came so early and closes the door with the sign board DND. He asks if anyone doubted and comes near a lady. He says I thought you will not come and says I love you. The lady is Shayra, who kisses on his forehead and says I love you too. Adil says my ears was yearning to hear this from you. Shayra says please Adil, take me away from here.

Adil says even I want this. Razia, Azaan and Noor are coming there. Shayra and Adil hug each other. Azaan opens the door and they all see their hug. Shayra and Adil break their hug and look at Azaan. Shayra pretends to be shock. Azaan looks at her in disbelief. Shayra asks what you are doing here? Azaan says you are asking me. I shall ask you what you are doing with this man? He reminds Adil of what he said.

He says I had asked you to stay away from my wife. Shayra asks Azaan to stop. Azaan hits Adil. Shayra says Azaan. Noor says this might be a misunderstanding and asks Azaan not to jump into conclusion. She says this is our Shayra. Razia asks Shayra to tell once that whatever they have seen is not true. Noor asks her to tell badi ammi to tell about her helpless to do the acting. Adil asks Shayra to tell the truth. Azaan asks Adil how dare he to take his Shayra’s name and hits him. Shayra asks Azaan to leave her Adil. She says truth is that, I know him and met him seven years back in London, before meeting you. She says we used to love each other a lot and it was impossible to live without each other. She says when you came to London, we had a break up and tells that her first love is not him, but Adil. She says I came near you as I want to forget Adil. She says when you proposed me for marriage, I said yes as I wanted to move on. Noor says Adil is your past and Azaan is your present. Shayra says when Adil returned, I realized I was wrong and was searching Adil in Azaan. Azaan is shocked. Razia says if everything was planned, Adil met in orphanage. Adil says it was destiny plan. it made us meet again.

Azaan asks why you was behaving as if you met a stranger. Shayra asks what I would have said that Adil is my ex. Noor asks Adil, why you was behind me then? Adil says I thought to move on. Noor asks why you wanted to brought Adil and me together. Shayra says I want to see Adil happy, but I was jealous. Azaan asks her to shut up and scolds Adil for eying his respect. He says I will kill him. Shayra asks him to stop it. She says you are Bhopal’s Nawab, but that doesn’t mean that I will bear anything you do. She says how dare you to touch him and asks them to leave if they are done with the drama. Razia comes near Shayra and slaps her. She asks how dare you? Adil says please. Razia says I am talking to my bahu, don’t dare to interfere. She asks why you broke my son’s trust and that’s why agreed for Azaan and Noor’s marriage so easily, as you never loved Azaan. She says I was proud of you, but you have crossed all limits of shamelessness.

She says you are telling story of your shamelessness. Shayra says what I would have done then? Razia asks her to keep her tone low and says you have broken my trust and have made fun of love and marriage. Shayra says Ammi. Razia says don’t you dare call me Ammi. She says you brought Adil to my house and said that he shall stay in our house. She says I understand now and asks Azaan to come, says she is nothing to us now.

Azaan says I knew everything and had seen that video, but didn’t believe on it and thought there is something wrong, his shayra can’t do this with him. He says he thought to clear all the misunderstandings, but he was wrong. He says today you have clear my misunderstanding. Noor says how can you change so much Shayra, I took your side and didn’t believe on that video. Shayra asks did I ask you to take my side or do anything for me. Razia says leave it Noor, there is no use talking to him. She asks Azaan to come with her. Azaan says Shayra, you can’t betray me so big, you have made fun of my love, you have snatched my happiness so I will snatch yours. He says you have killed me today, I will not let you live. He picks a vase and breaks it on the table. He comes near Shayra and hits himself, injuring his hand. Shayra gets shocked and holds his hand. Azaan stops him and says I can’t kill you. He says I can’t kill you. He asks why did she do this? Adil presses the remote. Azaan feels pain in his head. Shayra says because of this, Azaan becomes haiwan in 2 mins and I don’t want to be with such a person.


Bahu Begum 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Razia tells Shayra that even her voice shall not be heard in the house. Azaan brings her stuff and throws it. He says there is one more thing which needs to be burnt and throws kerosene oil on himself. Shayra and Noor are shocked.


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