Bajaj accuse Veena – Prerna showers love over Mr. Bajaj


The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Kasauti Zindagi Kay loyal viewers will get to witness shocking drama.It was earlier seen that Maasi makes master plan to harm Bajaj and blame Veena.Maasi plans big tragedy amid Kuki’s birthday celebration and here Mr. Bajaj gets hurt saving Prerna.

Mr. Bajaj starts to bleed as chandelier falls and hurts him, Prerna gets tensed seeing this.Further Maasi’s master plan gets successful where Bajaj accuse Veena for improper arrangement.

Prerna gets shocked with this accusation where she supports her mother Veena over anyone.Prerna takes care of Mr. Bajaj and gives first aid to him, here Prerna is showered her love over Mr. Bajaj.

Prerna is much concerned for Mr. Bajaj and Anurag fumes to see this.Anurag fumes seeing that Mr. Bajaj’s pain has started to affect Prerna, Anurag is confused that has Prerna really fallen in love with Mr Bajaj.

Prerna is very much sure that her mother can never do such things.It would be really interesting to see if Bajaj gets upset over Prerna or will support her decision.

While Mohini rejoice with the family drama and accusation on Veena.Keep reading for more updates.


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