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Balika Vadhu 2 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 10th November 2021 Episode starts with Anand starts playing the Gilli ganda. Jigar tries to catch and drops it. He then hits it at the stick. Next Anandi’s turn comes. Sejal asks her to hit it far. Jigar tries to catch it, but fails. They continue to play. Prem ji tells that phone is vibrating.

Kanku gets tensed and asks Maadi Baa to play. Kanku takes the mobile and checks the call. Maadi Baa hits the gilli and praises herself. Prem ji asks Jigar not to let Anand win. Anand asks if you have doubt. Jigar asks what? Lakha Kumar hits. Jigar couldn’t catch the gilli. Prem ji says we shouldn’t let them win. Jigar says sorry. He tries to hit gilli on the stick, and loses. Anand celebrates his victory with his team mates.

Prem ji says I will play with Anand next time. Anand jokes with everyone. Jigar feels bad. Anand says its ok and tells that its technique is like baseball and that’s how I could win. Anand says he will give kulfi treat. Prem ji says it is from my side.

Maadi Baa asks Diwari if she said anything to Kanku. Diwari says no. Maadi Baa asks her if she thought about Kanku’s marriage. Diwari says I used to think about this all the time, and knows that I have the responsibility of her marriage, who regards her as daughter as she is the daughter of a daughter. She says I don’t hope anyone to get her married. Maadi Baa promises her that she will get Kanku married in a rich and big house. Diwari asks really and says if such thing happens, then I will not forget your favor.

Kanku talks to Madhav and tells him that she is sad, as she thinks that they can’t meet, as Baa is thinking about my marriage. Madhav says you are in school and underage for marriage. Kanku says I can’t argue with Baa. Madhav asks her to make her Baa understand that marriage is far away, she can’t marry now.

Anandi comes there. He says Anandi. Kanku turns and looks at Anandi. Anandi asks Kanku what she wants to do, if she wants to become like doctor or teacher, or wants to get married and settled down. Kanku asks what do you mean? Anandi tells that Anand asked her. She sees Madhav on video call and says he is that college bhaiyya.

Kanku says yes, and thanks Madhav for guiding her. She asks why did you come here? Anandi says Maadi Baa asked you to help me, in the kitchen. Anandi goes. Kanku asks Madhav did you hear? Madhav says yes, and asks her to meet him today. Anandi comes to Maadi Baa and says Kanku di is coming.

Maadi Baa asks where is she? Anandi says she is talking to someone about school project. Maadi Baa goes to scold Kanku. Madhav asks Kanku to come. Kanku says ok, I will try and smiles. Maadi Baa shouts at Kanku and asks why you was smiling looking at the phone. Kanki tries to say. Maadi Baa asks her to come to kitchen now itself. Anandi prays to God to save Kanku di.

Maadi brings Kanku to the kitchen and tells them that they shall not go out of kitchen until the work is done. Kanku asks for her phone. Maadi Baa says I took it so that you can do the work and goes. Kanku asks Anandi to bring her phone from Maadi Baa before night, and tells that she has to do project. Anandi promises her. Kanku says I want to get some stuff and also some work given by Maadi Baa. She asks her to come with her to market at 4 pm. Anandi says first we will finish the kitchen work.

Kanku and Anandi come to the market. Kanku asks Anandi to buy whatever she wanted. Madhav comes there and calls Kanku. Anandi says someone called her. Kanku says he might call some other Kanku. She asks Anandi to buy the stuff until she buys another stuff. She comes to meet Madhav and asks him not to call her, as her phone is with Maadi Baa. He says he wants to see her in Diwali dress. Anandi thinks to ask Kanku, what needs to be bought. Anandi is coming there. Madhav asks Kanku to meet him and tells her that Anandi is coming. He hides. Anandi says I have bought everything. Kanku says even I have bought and goes. Madhav thinks to meet her tomorrow.

Jigar asks Kanku and Anandi, from where they are coming? Kanku says diyas etc. Jigar says I have brought them, as you both were busy in kitchen work. Maadi baa comes there and asks why did you go there.

Voiceover: There is so much intensity in the love of early age that even a weak girl takes a risk. But despite this, both the path and destination of this love are very difficult.

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