Balika Vadhu 2 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 14th September 2021 Episode starts with Sejal giving water to Anandi. Anandi drinks water and asks for whom she is taking milk? Sejal says moti baa, so that she gets strength. Anandi says she will take it. Diwari stops Anandi and then fills the remaining glass with the milk. Sejal says how she will take it now. Diwari says she can take it and goes to keep the table on Anandi’s way.

Anandi is about to fall, but Kanku stops her and moves the table. Anandi and Kanku come to Baa and asks Baa to drink milk. Baa says she doesn’t like its smell. Anandi presses Baa’s nose, so that she don’t get its smell. Diwari comes there and scolds Anandi. She sends Kanku and Anandi from there. Baa refuses to drink milk. Jigar tells Kalpesh that this marriage drama happened due to Anandi and tells him that he will set her right in just 2 days. He asks Kalpesh what is Anandi’s favourite sweets. Kalpesh says jalebi. Jigar says Anandi will not get it.

Kanku, Anandi and Gopal are playing. Diwari comes there and scolds Anandi and takes Kanku with her. Anandi cries and comes to Ratan and Khim ji. She asks her parents to take her from here and says Diwari scolds her a lot. Ratan says we will leave once Baa gets fine. Khim ji also makes Anandi understands and sends her. Ratan gets Kadvi Baa’s call. Kadvi Baa asks where are you all? Ratan says we have come to Prem ji’s house as Moti Baa is unwell. She ends the call. She tells Khim ji that she is very worried for Anandi, if anyone comes to know about her gauna then what will happen. She says Diwari is a very bad woman. Khim ji says Anandi will return here when grown up and asks her not to worry. Anandi comes there and tells that they will leave soon. Khim ji asks Anandi not to tell about her gauna to anyone. He says Prem ji said that today’s your favorite dishes are cooked.

Later Prem ji shows Anandi’s favorite dishes to her. Anandi asks what to eat? there is so much. Diwari says I came to know that you will digest all. Prem ji says she wants to say that you can taste everything a bit. Anandi says she will taste everything, but will eat much jalebi. Prem ji asks Jigar to give jalebi bowl. Jigar gives the bowl to Kalpesh. Kalpesh drops it downstairs. Diwari notices this. Jigar says sorry. Prem ji asks Sejal to bring more jalebis. Sejal says she has made this only.

Prem ji says you should have made more. Diwari says I got two more partners. Prem ji says I will make you eat tomorrow. Diwari thinks I will not let you eat. Prem ji brings jalebis for Anandi. Diwari comes there and takes the plate, says Anandi can’t eat anything now, first puja will happen and then she will eat. She says she has saved Baa’s life, so shall do puja. Ratan asks how can this happen? She says in this puja, the diya will be lighted 24 hours and Anandi has to take care of it. She says I told you that Anandi can’t bear hunger. Diwari says Anandi is very good and can do anything for Baa. Baa also praises Anandi. Diwari asks them to ask Sejal and Baa and says all bahus have to go through strict fasts.

Baa says Anandi can do it. Diwari asks Ratan to get Anandi ready for puja as Pandit ji will come. Prem ji, Khim ji and Ratan feel bad for Anandi. Anandi gets worried. Jigar tells Kalpesh that he has to miss the school due to Anandi. Kalpesh says due to your aunt Diwari. Pandit ji calls Anandi. Sejal sends her. Pandit ji does her tilak and ties thread on her hand. He then asks her to light the diya. Anandi lights the diya. Pandit ji says this is akhand diya and you have to protect it all night, and you can’t eat anything, you can just drink. Anandi says baa, told. She asks Pandit ji if he has kept fast. Pandit ji says no, as I am making you fast. Anandi asks what about jigar, he is my husband, if he will not keep the fast.

Jigar asks Anandi, what are you saying? Why shall I keep fast. Sejal makes him quiet. Pandit ji says men don’t keep this fast. Anandi asks if they don’t want to please Mata ji. Sejal says this Maa is worshipped by the women mostly and that’s why only women keep the fast. Pandit ji asks Anandi to let the windows and doors closed and not to let the diya set off. Anandi says if the diya get set off. Pandit ji says

Voiceover: In child marriage, the burden of strict and rigid traditions is put on the weak shoulders of innocent children. And this is where the childhood starts to be snatched away.


Balika Vadhu 2 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Diwari sets off the diya just as she gets the chance. Anandi is punished. She prays to Goddess and says she didn’t do anything wrong then why she is punished.


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