Balika Vadhu 2 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 25th August 2021 Episode starts with Dr. Sharda asking Khim ji if Anandi and Jigar’s marriage had not happened many years ago. Khim ji recalls Prem ji’s words that they have to lie to everyone. He tells Dr. Sharda that the marriage never happened, although Prem ji wanted the marriage to happen. Dr. Sharda says ok and leaves. Khim ji feels bad for lying and thinks Prem ji trapped him badly, he has to lie to everyone since many years. He says I will never forgive you.

Prem ji tells Baa that until when he will be calm down, the business will be ruined. He says if workers don’t give us design and cloth then how work will go. He calls Diwari and says when we had left the house 14 years back, you have ruined the business. She says if I was not there, then this business would have drowned. Bapu ji says I taught you business, I am alive. Diwari says I have given so many years of my life to this business and asks Prem ji why is he blaming her? Prem ji says I am showing you the mirror, I took 8 years to bring back business to right track. He says today Kamlesh bhai and others have come to complain against us, but I can’t badmouth against you being your brother, and that’s why apologized to them. Diwari asks what did I do? Premji says when I went to meet Anandi, she had taken the workers designs for herself and wanted them to work for free. Bapu ji scolds Diwari. Kumar asks her to have Paan. She refuses and taunts Baa.

Khim ji makes Anandi sleeps. Kalpesh asks why he didn’t scold her when she had eaten the sweets which she was taking for Mama. Khim ji says your sister is very courageous and accepted her mistake. He goes with Ratan. Kalpesh thinks they always praise her.

Khim ji tells Ratan that Anandi has a good heart. He says he is worried for Bhavan as he works for Naag ji, and is behavior with Leela is not good. Ratan asks him to worry and tells that now he is working well and is happy. She prays that Bhavan and Leela have a child soon.

Leela brings tiffin for Anandi. Anandi opens the tiffin and says it is lapsi. She gets happy and eats it. Ratan asks Leela if Bhavan had raised hand on you. Leela says no and tells that he got angry as it was less and he likes it made by you. Ratan says next time I will not send it by Anandi. Leela says no, send it by Anandi only as says the girl who accepts the truth thinking I will get scolded, that girl can’t do the same mistake again. She hugs Anandi and leaves. Anandi asks Ratan why Leela Mami hugged her twice. Ratan also hugs her and goes to kitchen. Anandi goes to kitchen and offers to help Ratan. Ratan asks her to go and pluck the raw mangoes. Anandi asks can a daughter can’t help her mother. Ratan says ok and asks her to make rotis. Anandi rolls the roti. Ratan says you made roti like that of elephant shape. Kalpesh gets upset seeing them enjoying. Khim ji asks if they will not get food today. Anandi says you will get. Kalpesh thinks nobody cares for him, as Anandi is always sticks to Ma. He falls intentionally and shouts. Khim ji and Ratan run to him. Kalpesh says he is feeling pain everywhere. Anandi says nothing has happened to him. Kalpesh gets angry and goes. He hits his head and shouts. Anandi says now he got really hurt.

The neighbors tell that they have heard that Naag ji and his wife are bringing a fair complexion bahu. Ratan tells that one shall see the qualities and not facial appearance. Anandi comes there and hugs Ratan. The lady says whoever are about to separate, such things happens, either Ratan or Anandi will go away from each other. Anandi cries asking Ratan if she will die. Ratan says no. Her friends leave. Khim ji asks Ratan to apologized to Anandi and asks her to do sit ups. Ratan does sit ups. Anandi hugs her.

voiceover: The love received by the siblings – the sensitive child’s heart considers the caress as its neglect. This adverse effect on his intelligence could be far-reaching.

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