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Balika Vadhu 2 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 26th October 2021 Episode starts with Anandi crying in the car. Prem ji asks what you will eat? sweets or chocolate. Anandi says I need to go to washroom. He asks now? She says yes. He says I will stop the car at the dhaba. Anandi insists to go now itself. Prem ji stops the car and says you have to go here only.

Anandi says ok. He opens the car lock. Anandi gets down and starts running. Prem ji asks her to stop and runs behind her. Anandi runs. She is about to collide with the bike, when he holds her and asks didn’t you see that anything would have happened to you. She says let me go to devgarh.

Ratan makes Kalpesh taste Laapsi and says I made it for Anandi. Kalpesh says it is tasty and asks if it is just for Anandi, or will you made it for me too. Ratan says I made it for both. Kalpesh says Anandi will be very happy. Ratan coughs. Kalpesh asks her to take rest. Prem ji ties Anandi’s hands and makes her sit in the car forcibly. He starts driving. Anandi cries and says I want to go to my Baa.

Ratan gets restless and thinks why she is feeling strange. She calls Khim ji and says one hour passed, but Anandi haven’t come till now from school. He says she might be in Dhingri’s house and goes to her house. He calls Anandi. Dhingri comes out and asks what happened? He asks her to call Anandi. Dhingri says she is not here. Khim ji asks if she said anything in school. Dhingri says Anandi haven’t come to school. Khim ji is shocked.

Prem ji tells Anandi that she made him helpless and that’s why he lied. Anandi says I will go to my house, to my Baa. Prem ji says Sejal is your Baa now, and tells that everyone is there. He says I will free your hands if you agree to me. Anandi says you have become a bad kaku and says I will elope from here.

Prem ji says if you are stubborn, then I am stubborn too. Khim ji comes to the school and asks the people outside the school about Anandi. They tell that they don’t see her. The beggar/mad guy tells Khim ji that the car guy, took the girl showing the toy. A lady says he says anything. Khim ji thinks to go inside school and check.

Ratan worries for Anandi. Kalpesh asks her to rest and says Bapu will bring Anandi home. Teacher tells Khim ji that Anandi haven’t come to school today. Khim ji gets shocked. Dhingri cries and tells Kadvi Baa and Leela that Anandi is missing. Kadvi Baa is shocked.
Anandi says I want to go to my Bapu and Baa. Prem ji says we have reached Raigarh.

In Prem ji’s house, Jigar runs behind Kanku and asks her to give phone. Sejal asks jigar to return her phone. Jigar says Kanku didi used to take my phone. Diwari taunts him. Maadi Baa asks Sejal to keep the extra plate. Diwari asks if someone is coming. They see Prem ji bringing Anandi there, and her hands are tied. He asks Anandi not to get stubborn. Anandi asks him to let her go to her house.

Sejal, Jigar and Kanku are shocked. Kanku asks why her hands are tied? Jigar asks why Anandi is crying? Anandi tries to run and hits on the door. Prem ji stops her and asks her to sit quietly. Sejal asks what did you do? Anandi asks Sejal and Diwari to help her, go to her house. Maadi Baa signs Prem ji. Prem ji says you will not go anywhere, and will stay here. Anandi says I want to stay in my house, and asks them to make him understand.

Prem ji asks Anandi to become quiet else, raises his hand on her. Anandi hugs Sejal being scared. Sejal asks you have brought her tied here. Jigar asks him to open her hands. Anandi tells Sejal that he has done cheating, showed her toys and then brought her forcibly here. Diwari asks Prem ji what he has done? He says first I will take her to room and then will talk to you. He takes her to room. Diwari thinks I never thought that Prem ji can go to this extent for his stubbornness.

Khim ji gets Ratan’s call. He informs her that Anandi haven’t reached school today. Ratan cries. Kadvi Baa says we will search her. Khim ji worries for her. Sejal comes to the room. Prem ji frees Anandi’s hands. Anandi hugs Sejal and says I want to go to my house. Prem ji says this is your house. Anandi says I don’t want to talk to you. Sejal says what you have done, you have kidnapped her?

Prem ji says I will not close this door, but will close all doors and windows, so that you don’t elope. Sejal goes behind Prem ji and asks if Khim ji and Ratan know about it. Dhingri blames herself. Khim ji thinks I shall ask the beggar, he was telling something. He says I think I shall go to PS and asks Kadvi Baa to take Dhingri home. Prem ji tells Sejal that he has brought his bhagyalakshmi before anything wrong happens. Sejal says the truth can’t change that you have kidnapped Anandi.

Voiceover: In the blindness of selfishness, the person becomes emotionless and the relationship meaningless.

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