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Balika Vadhu 2 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 29th October 2021 Episode starts with Prem ji telling that God is with them, Anandi took the right decision. He asks Sejal to make jalebis for her and says I will make her eat. Jigar comes there and says Anandi is right, you are bad to lied to me. Maadi Baa scolds him. Prem ji raises his hand to slap him.

Sejal says enough and says you have separated a little girl from her parents and today you have raised hand on your son to hide your mistake. Jigar tells Sejal that he is ashamed to get married in his childhood. Maadi Baa tells Prem ji that they shall handle Anandi. Prem ji says if she will be able to stay without her parents.

Maadi Baa says I will take care. Kadvi Baa waits for Khim ji and calls him. Khim ji and Ratan return home, and find Kadvi Baa there. Kadvi says she came to see Kalpesh and asks where is Anandi? Ratan cries. Kadvi Baa asks where is she? Khim ji says she is in her sasural. He says we have lied to Anandi and you all. He says Anandi’s marriage and Gauna happened. He says Anandi came to know about this and that’s why she has decided to stay in Raigarh only. Kadvi Baa is shocked.

Sejal asks Anandi if she will not talk to her kaki also. Anandi says I don’t want to talk to anyone and asks her to go and take these clothes too. Kadvi Baa asks did you both know that you have done a big crime and says due to you, Anandi has taken a big decision. He asks what is the use of friendship which is no longer exist now.

She says child marriage is not only a crime, but it also breaks the childhood. Khim ji says you said Kadvi Baa. He says we will go to Police and admit the truth. Kadvi Baa says you both will be jailed then. Khim ji says Prem ji will also be jailed, and says they will not stop now. Ratan is about to sit in the car. Kalpesh comes there and asks them to freshen up and asks where is Anandi? He says they will have the food.

Ratan says if we go to Police, then we will be arrested, then who will take care of Anandi and Kalpesh. Kadvi Baa says Kalpesh needs you both. Kalpesh asks where is Anandi? Ratan says she is in Raigarh. Kalpesh says again. Ratan says it is her sasural and she will stay there from now onwards. She says we shall accept that Anandi has turned 18 years and went to her sasural. She says today her bidaai has happened? She cries.

Maadi Baa asks Sejal to let her cry and says today she got her bidaai, she has the right to cry today. Sejal feels her pain and cries with Anandi. Ratan also cries. Kalpesh gets shocked and teary eyes. Kadvi Baa serves food to Ratan, Khim ji and Kalpesh. Khim ji asks Ratan to have food. Ratan refuses. Kadvi Baa says you both have taken a big decision for Kalpesh and asks them to show courage. Ratan says you are right, but I can’t eat today.

Prem ji tries to feed food to Anandi. Anandi sits lost and don’t open her mouth. Kadvi Baa asks Ratan to have something and don’t be stubborn. Kalpesh gets up without having food and goes from there. Maadi Baa takes the plate from Prem ji and signs him to go. Prem ji goes. She also goes behind him.

Kalpesh brings the laapsi and serves in Ratan’s plate. She says you have made this laapsi for Anandi and asks her to eat it, thinking she is eating with her. He tries to feed her laapsi. Sejal asks Anandi to eat a bit, and says there is nobody in the room. She says we are like mother and daughter, and asks if she will not eat for her also. She says have one bite, if you like it, then have more. Anandi tastes the food. Kalpesh makes Ratan have laapsi. Ratan cries and says if Anandi would be here, then she would have said that it is tasty.

Jigar comes to Anandi and asks her to see his phone. He says your Kajal came under your eyes. She wipes it. Anandi asks if all elders lie, then why do they ask us not to lie? Jigar says yes, they lie according to their wish. She says I will not lie when grown up. Jigar says even me. He asks if we can be friends. Anandi says yes. Jigar asks where you will stay now, in this room with Maa and Papa.

Later Anandi comes to Maadi Baa’s room and asks did you call me? She asks where is Thakur ji? Maadi Baa tells that Thakur ji talks to me, and asked me to give your room to you. She says my Thakur ji will shift to another room and asks her to return to her room. She says you like this swing. Anandi says no, Maadi Baa. I don’t want this room, you can stay here with your Thakur ji here. Maadi Baa says when you have decided to stay here, you shall stay here with all your heart, not just to punish your parents, but to accept everyone of us as your family and this house is yours. She asks what do you want to do?

Voiceover: The treachery of the elders leaves a deep impression on the soft child’s mind for a lifetime.

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