Balika Vadhu 2 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 6th October 2021 Episode starts with Maadi Baa asking Anandi not to keep herself in misunderstanding and says I don’t want to have sin of keeping you hungry. Anandi says you look good while smiling and asks her to smile always. She says who wants to keep away from happiness, and says time or the world don’t let us happy and humans forget the meaning of happiness. Anandi asks her to explain it in easy way. Maadi Baa laughs. Anandi says I will make you laugh like this.

Maadi Baa asks her to have food, else she will take the plate. Anandi finishes the food and thanks Maadi Baa. She asks if I can go to my room and sleep. Maadi Baa says you shall stay here till morning, so how can you go to room. She says I have kept diya for you, so don’t tell that you will be afraid. Anandi says Diya will be set off soon. Maadi Baa says even you will sleep soon, don’t make excuses and asks her to sleep. She goes. Anandi takes the diya and asks it to be keeping lighting to take care of her, tells that she is afraid of darkness. She closes her eyes to sleep.

Jigar, Sejal and others wait outside the storeroom in the morning. Maadi Baa brings Anandi out of the storeroom. Sejal cries hugging her. She asks if you are fine? Anandi says yes. Jigar asks are you hungry? Anandi says I am not hungry, I have full stomach. She stops and looks at Maadi Baa. She thinks Maadi Baa didn’t tell this to anyone, and thinks it is very difficult to understand her. Maadi Baa asks Sejal to get her ready.

She says I want to give you something Diwari. She gives rope in her hand and says you had made Anandi quiet this way, by tied her hand and threatened her. She says it is thakur ji’s blessings that Anandi is fine, if anything would have happened to her, then I would have gone to hell. She says I loved you so much and you did this, being a mother of daughter yourself. She says if I had known then wouldn’t have given you keys. She says it is hard to believe you.

Maadi Baa tells Anandi about the importance of Mangalsutra. She says a married woman needs to know its importance and says it is respect and promise to live with your life partner. Anandi nods her head. Maadi Baa begins the puja and asks Jigar to make his wife wear it. Jigar looks tensed and takes the mangalsutra in her hand. He walks towards Anandi holding it. Anandi recalls Khim ji’s words and asks Jigar to stop, says I will not wear this necklace. Maadi Baa says this is mangalsutra and asks why you don’t want to wear. Anandi says my marriage…

Prem ji says how it can happen without her Prem ji Kaku, says I am not angry with you and asks if she will wear it. Anandi says you didn’t listen to me and got angry. Prem ji apologizes to her. Anandi hugs him. He asks will you wear it now? Anandi says ok, I will wear it on your sayings and asks Jigar to make her wear it. Jigar makes her wear it. Maadi Baa smiles and says now I got peace. She asks Prem ji, if his work is done. Prem ji says he govt a big govt order and tells that she is bhagyalakshmi and his destiny sparkled since she came. He hugs her. Anandi goes from there. Sejal stops him.

Prem ji says let me go, Anandi is upset with me. Kanku asks Jigar why Anandi got upset. Jigar says Anandi wants to go back to her house, she is missing them. Diwari thinks time has come to tell truth to Maadi Baa, but I will not tell her the truth. She comes to Jigar and says you have fought with Maadi Baa for Anandi, and you are liking her now. Jigar asks what are you saying, do you want to scold me? Diwari says if you want to help Anandi to go, then take Maadi baa’s permission. Jigar says I can’t talk to her.

She asks him to ask Anandi to tell Maadi Baa that her marriage has not happened with him and asking her to let her go. Prem ji gets furious knowing about Maadi Baa punishing Anandi. Anandi tells Jigar that Maadi Baa gets angry and locks her again in room then? Jigar says he hopes that she will agree to your sayings. Anandi says ok and tells herself that Maadi Baa is not that bad. Prem ji tells his parents that he heard Maadi Baa’s sayings, being elder and right on the house, but that doesn’t mean that she can do anything.

Anandi comes to Maadi Baa and asks if I can go to my home. Prem ji says I went for a day and she locked Anandi in the storeroom. He says I got upset with Anandi and scolded her, but her mistake was not big. He asks his father, why he didn’t stop her. Devraj says Bhabhi has done so much for me.

Maadi Baa asks Anandi if she will not agree to her sayings and tells that the girl misses her parents, but you have to concentrate her. Devraj says Gomti bhabhi didn’t leave after her husband’s demise and had taken care of us, and also built this business. Prem ji says Anandi has also done so much for Baa, given her life twice. Moti Baa says we can’t tell her the truth. Sejal says we can’t tell her the truth. Prem ji says it is wrong to punish her daily. Devraj asks will you talk to her.

Anandi tells Maadi Baa that it is not right to call her bahu, and tells that she stays in Devgarh, came here for Moti baa, as she was unwell and wanted to see me. She says my Maa and Babu acted to do Gauna with Prem ji kaku and kaki. Maadi Baa is shocked. Anandi says my marriage haven’t happened with Jigar still. Maadi Baa gets furious and asks who plays the gauna game. Anandi says first Jigar, Diwari and now you got misunderstanding. She says Prem ji kaku and Sejal kaki also told me that my marriage haven’t happened. Maadi Baa gets angry and asks do you think this is all the game and asks her to leave. She thinks there might be some truth behind her words, calls Devraj, Bhanu, Prem ji and Sejal there.

Voiceover: Whenever the hidden thing comes to the fore, the foundation of the relationship gets shaken.


Balika Vadhu 2 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi packs her stuff and leaves through the window. Prem and Sejal come to the room and look for her. She collides with a cycle rider and he falls down. She continues to walk.


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