Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th July 2022 Manini panics when she learns that Banni has called a doctor to check Yuvan. She orders Myra to bring Yuvan home immediately as Banni’s doctor may not treat Yuvan well.

Banni takes phone says Yuvan is having high fever and needs immediate doctor’s attention. Manini fears that the truth of her giving medicine to Yuvan will be out if the doctor checks Yuvan. She tells Hemant that Yuvan went to Banni’s house and fell, Banni called cheap roadside doctor to treat Yuvan, so she will go there and bring Yuvan back home.

Hemant insists to accompany her and orders driver to get the car out. Manini asks Niyati to inform Viraj to accompany them as only he can manage Yuvan.

Banni checks Yuvan’s fever and applies cold cloth on his forehead. Mamisa’s sindhoor box falls on the floor. Banni says mamisa will scold her when she returns in the morning. Yuan asks what is sindhoor. She explains its worn by married women and kept in temple. Yuvan saks why didn’t she wear it then.

She explains its worn by married women and their husbands apply it on their forever during marriage. Yuvan asks why don’t she apply it. She says she is not yet married and explains its significance in detail. She says after marrying Niyati in 2 days, he will apply sindhoor in Niyati’s hairline.

Yuvan asks Banni to pose her hand in a flower position as they remind her of lotus. She says he speaks so well. He asks her for a kulfi in lieu of praising her. Banni scolds him that he will not get anything. Doctor comes to check Yuvan.

Manini with Hemant and Viraj reach Banni’s locality. Manini acts emotional seeing the poverty in the locality. Hemant comforts her and says she shouldn’t remember her bitter past. Manini says her past teaches her of fighting. They reach Banni’s house where they hear doctor telling that Yuvan is having high fever and he doubts that he is having some wrong food or medicines.

Manini tries to humiliate the doctor and says she wouldn’t like to treat her son with him. Banni says he is Dr. Anubhav Desai. Hemant asks if he is the famous Dr. Anubhav Desai whose stem cell research is famous in the whole world. Doctor says yes. Manini asks if he is so famous, what is he doing here.

Doctor asks if she checks how famous the doctor is before getting her son treated. She says no. Doctor says he came here just for Banni as Banni served food to his ailing father and he used to love her food, so he can reach wherever Banni asks him to. He checks Yuvan’s earlier prescriptions and says he is sure that Yuvan either had wrong medicine or food.

He says his boy will get Yuvan’s blood sample and they will get the remaining samples in the morning, till then Yuvan should rest at Banni’s house. Manini panics fearing her truth will be out and insists to take Yuvan home.

Doctor tells Hemant that Yuvan cannot bear stress and should rest there tonight. Hemant agrees. Doctor leaves. Manini then scolds Myra for bringing Yuvan there. Myra says Yuvan saved Banni’ life like a true hero.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raja tries to humiliate Banni taunting her about her mother’s past. Banni punishes him. Manini hearing that thinks she should find out about Banni’s mother’s past.


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