Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th September 2022 Yuvan gets nervous when fellow contestants bully him. Banni comforts him. Dhanraj calls him and encourages to sing well. He thanks Banni for showing him a dream of seeing Yuvan famous. Banni disconnects call saying Yuvan’s turn is coming, she will talk later.

Yuvan says he will make everyone proud. Manini and Viraj reach inauguration venue and think if people are making amusement park at such a small space. Organizers welcome them with garlands. Manini questions about minister. Organizers says when someone from Devraj’s family is here, why should they need ministers.

Manini realizes that Devraj and Banni fooled her and sent her here to keep her away from Yuvan and tries to leave from there. Viraj says they should stay back as there is media coverage and she may get a negative publicity. Manini frowns but decides to stay back for some time.

Agastya calls next contestant. Assistant says contestant is a famous film director’s daughter and will use nepotism to attain success. Agastya auditions contestant and selects her based on her talent. Assistant asks why is he promoting nepotism.

Agastya tongue lashes her being famous personality’s kid doesn’t mean one cannot have talent. He warns assistant to leave if she cannot respect talent. Assistant apologizes him.

Yuvan’s turn comes next. Banni encourages him not to bother about anything and just sing. Yuvan walks in. Agastya question him about his qualification. Yuvan says he studied till 2nd standard. Organizing team mock Yuvan and says he is roped in for a comedic factor in the show. Yuvan continues to show his nervousness.

Agastya asks assistant not to select mentally unstable candidates again for the audition and asks Yuvan to leave. Banni signals Yuvan to request Agastya to listen to his music once. Agastya agrees.

Yuvan fails to sing recalling fellow contestants bullying him. Agastya forces Yuvan to leave. Banni enters and insists him to listen to Yuvan once. Agastya recalls their feud and refuses to listen to Yuvan. Banni gets adamant. Agastya asks who is Yuvan to her. Banni says he is her husband. Agastya asks if Yuvan can become a rockstar like him.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yuvan fails to sing during audition and Agastya rejects him. Banni challenges Agastya to let Yuvan sing live and people judge his singing. Agastya challenges that he will walk out of judging the competition even if 20 people like Yuvan’s voice. Banni accepts his challenge.


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