Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th July 2022 Aryan brings slippers for Banni when he finds her barefooted. Banni likes it and scolds him for going out in open, fearing someone would see him. Yuvan says he hid his face with his hand and silently took it from a shop. She laughs. Panditji and his wife walk in.

Yuvan noticing sindhoor in Panditayan’s hairline recalls filling Imlie’s hairline and marrying her. On the other side, Devraj discusses about Yuvan and Banni’s wedding with Mamasa and Mamisa and says they need to convince Banni in a day. Mamusa asks what about Banni’s future. Devraj promises to help Banni pursue her catering business and take it to new heights. He promises that Banni will get both love and respect in his house.

Banni notices Yuvan angry and asks reason. He says a woman who doesn’t apply sindhoor in her hairline means her husband is dead, so he is going to due if she doesn’t apply sindhoor in her hairline. Banni takes Yuvan in front of god’s idol and asks him to promise her that he will never talk about marriage again.

Yuvan says her grandfather says he is very handsome and his wife would love him a lot. Banni insists him to take an oath.

Yuvan says his grandfather told he has a lot of money and he is a prince, so whoever marries him will be a princess. Banni says she doesn’t want to be a princess but wants to be a queen of her business; her business is suffering because of his family. Yuvan apologizes Banni after hearing that. Banni insists him to promise her as its important to protect her self-respect.

Mamsusa tells Devraj that they are dependent on Banni for their living, so it would be difficult for them if Banni is married. Devraj gives them money and says he will take care of them whole life, they just need to convince Banni for marriage.

Banni continues to insisting Yuvan to promise her. Yuvan touching his mother’s gifted moon sticker takes oath on her mother that he will never talk about marriage with her. Mamusa and Mamisa promise Devraj to get Banni married to Yuvan and ssks where is she now. Devraj says in Devnagar’s old temple. They both head towards temple.

Viraj threatens Vishnu to inform Banni’s location as she abducted Yuvan. Vishnu fails to believe him and says she must be busy serving food to some customer. He then takes Viraj to a customer who says Banni didn’t come today.

Once Virajj leaves, he then gives tiffin to customer and thanks him for his help. Banni makes arrangements to prepare food at the temple and deliver food to her customers from there. Devraj calls her and she assures Devraj to not worry about Yuvan. Yuvan cuts vetgables to help Banni in her business. Banni stops him. Yuvan says she incurred loss in her business because of him, so he wants to help her.

They continue to chat when Banni finds Yuvan writhing in pain when she touches his back. She removes his shirt and finds injuries on his back. Yuvan reveals how Viraj tortured him when he demanded to meet Banni.

Banni feels concerned for him and applies meidicine on his wounds. Yuvan says he promised not to talk about marriage, but she should visit him to apply medicine on his wounds whenever Viraj beats him.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yuvan asks Banni what kind of a husband she wants. She says one who can understand her pain, respect her mother, respect her feelings, helps her fulfill her dreams, and love her immensely. Yuvan says just like he does and prays god to get the boy for Banni like him but not make him mentally unstable like him. Yuvan later sleeps next to Banni to protect her while she is asleep. Mamusa and Mamisa enter room and stand shocked seeing that.


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