Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th August 2022 Banni checks Myra’s room for a clue and recalls Yuvan’s jacket smelling Palak’s perfume. She finds a gold paint and a paper on which Palak painted a wooden flute and to make it look like a golden flute..

Palak walks in and gets tensed seeing Banni there. Yuvan insists to reveal a secret to Banni dulhan. Manini stops him and says Banni will forgive him when she finds out why he stole bansuri, they can’t reveal their secret.

She reminds its a special day and they both have to perform a mother-son duo dance. Banni questions Palak why did she do that as Yuvan revealed everything. Palak panics. Banni asks her to reveal whole truth now.

Rathods perform Janmastami pooja. Banni joins them with Palak and murmurs something in Devraj’s ears. Manini dressed as Yashoda maiya and Yuvan as Kanhaji walk in next. She requests everyone to forgive Yuvan.

Banni thinks something is fishy. Manini with Yuvan performs on Yashoda Ka Nand Laala.. song. Everyone clap for them. Banni then dances energetically on Bolo Radhe Radhe Shyam.. song. Yuvan joins her. Everyone claps for them. Hemant and Viraj look frowning.

Manini tells Yuvan that she told him that Banni will forgive him. Yuvan happily says he is both Yashoda maiya and Radha’s Kanha. Banni calls Palak in front and asks her to reveal truth and seek god’s forgivance.

Palak accepts that she stole golden flute and not Yuvan. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Banni praises Palak for accepting her mistake. Yuvan thinks how did Banni find out truth. Hemant shouts why she is wrongly accusing his daughter. Banni says even Yuvan is his son and everyone easily accepted that she provoked Yuvan to steal golden flute.

Manini tries to take Palak from there. Hemant stops her and asks if she really stole flute. Palak accepts that she didn’t prepare well for her exam and hence was trying to buy papers for 3-4 lakhs from stolen golden flute.

She further reveals that she didn’t want to disappoint her mother, hid in a room after stealing the flute, Yuvan caught her red handed, and Manini after learning about it convinced Yuvan to take Palak’s blame on her. Banni confronts Manini for not trusting her daughter and misusing Yuvan’s innocence and emotionally blackmailing him to accept her daughter’s crime.

Yuvan warns Banni to stop and says Manini didn’t force him to take a blame on himself, but he himself took it on him. He recalls Manini saying she will take a blame on her to protect Palak and him insistently taking blame on himself.

Manini leaves from there. Yuvan pleads her not to go. Banni says let her go as she never considered him as a son. After sometime, Banni goes to clean store room and finds image distorting mirror and tapes there. She realizes that Yuvan wasn’t lying and was frightened in lieu of his mother’s promise. She thanks god for showing her a way. She determines herself to prove Yuvan’s innonce in 24 hours.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manini requests Yuvan to wear her brought kurta for dahi handi competition. Banni supports her. Manini gets suspicious on Banni and thinks Banni must be planning something during dahi handi competition.


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