Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st August 2022 Banni while grinding masalas thinks she needs to find out complete truth within 24 hours. She recalls finding clues and Yuvan blindly supporting Manini.

Yuvan walks to her thinking he needs to keep the secret between him and his mamma. He apologizes her and says he didn’t have food yet. Banni ignores him. He says he didn’t haver food yet. Banni asks Manini didn’t feed him food.

He says mamma wanted to feed him, but he didn’t have it as Banni didn’t have food yet. He says they are one after marriage and if she doesn’t have food, even he will be hungry. She says she shouldn’t show her anger on food.

Banni calms down and says let us have food together. Yuvan gets happy. Banni thinks she can make Yuvan feel comfortable and reveal the secret he is hiding. They both feed each other. Tum Haath Thamlena.. song.. plays in the background.

Palak tells Myra that Banni scolded Manini because of her in front of everyone. Myra says she should look at the positive side of feeling relaxed after not being punished for her mistake. Palak says she had to bear whole family’s wrath because of this.

Banni brings coffee for them and says she can arrange someone to help them in studies. Palak refuses her help. Banni leaves disappointed. Myra walks to her and says Manini has really changed, though Banni find it difficult to accept.

She says taking Yuvan to a planetarium was mom’s idea seeing Yuvan considering his mom as a star, she passed on this idea to Devraj who liked it, and now after coming from planetarium, Yuvan’s behavior has changed for good. Banni thinks Manini planned really well, something really happened in planetarium that Yuvan is considering Manini as his real mother. She prays god to help her in exposing truth.

Next day, Banni gets ready for the Janmashtami festival. Yuvan says they both look cute together. Banni describes her fondness for the Janmashtami festival. Malini enters and asks Yuvan to wear her brought red kurta for the festival.

Yuvan says he is matching his kurta with Banni’s dress. Banni thinks it would be good if Manini stops acting and becomes Yuvan’s real mother. She asks Yuvan to accept his mother’s request. Yuvan feels happy. Manini thinks Banni must be planning during janmashtami festival tomorrow.

Next day, janmashtami celebration start. Yuvan and Devraj wait for Banni. Banni enters in style and promotes basti milkman’s milk. Devraj asks what is she doing. Banni says since there are lots of expenses involved in the festival celebration, she arranged sponsors who funded festival to promote their products.

She shows 20000 rs cheque from milkman. Devraj says she is perfect businesswoman. Banni looking at Charmi says a jeweller is offering 3 lakhs if Rathod family women promote his jewelry and asks if Charmi is ready for that. Charmi agrees, but Viraj rudely disagrees. She tells Charmi that she can even get 4 lakhs sponsorship which Charmi can use to buy gift for her cousin’s marriage. Charmi tries to convince Viraj. Banni thinks she will make Viraj confess the truth.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Banni takes away Viraj’s clothes and threatens him to expose him if he doesn’t reveal truth. Charmi says truth is in Viraj’s mobile.Manini snatches Viraj’s mobile from Banni and says she will tell her whole truth. Banni is shocked to see her dressed as Yuvan’s mother.


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