Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd September 2022 Yuvan falls from the human ladder after breaking dahi handi. Banni rushes to rescue him and gets injured. Manini breaks Viraj’s phone while everyone’s attention is towards Banni and Yuuvan. Back home, Manini scolds Viraj and Charmi for their mistake they did in greed and warns them not to repeat it.

Doctor bandages Banni’s wrist and says she got a sprain and should be careful. Yuvan shows his concern for Banni. Banni asks why did he climb a human ladder when he is afraid of heights. Yuvan says a lot. Manini calls Yuvan. Yuvan rushes to her ignoring Banni.

Banni meets Devraj and describes him how Manini manipulated Yuvan. Devraj gets angry. Manini prepares turmeric milk and asks Yuvan to give it to Banni. Banni enters kitchen. Yuvan asks why did she come here. Devraj follows her and tries to confront Devraj. Banni stops her. Manini says fought with death and fate and returned for Yuvan,

she is Vandana in Manini’s body. Yuvan asks why is she revealing their secret. Manini says let Banni and Devraj also know the secret. Yuvan hugs her and thanks her for relieving him from the guilt. Manini smirks and says she knows and hence informed them. She bends and asks Devraj to bless his Vandana DIL. Devraj hesitates to bless her. Yuvan forces Devraj to bless Manini.

Manini sends Yuvan away on some task. Devraj gets angry on Manini. Manini mocks him. Banni tells Devraj that they should concentrate first on Yuvan as Manini has sent her to complete some task. Yuvan rounds around tulsi plant under a scorching sunlight. Banni rushes them and asks why is he doing parikrama under scorching sun.

Yuvan says mamma told Banni will get well soon if he does parikrama around tulsi plant. Devraj asks Manini what she is up to. Manini thinks she is taking revenge from him. Banni tongue lashes Manini. Devraj asks if she is so ruthless that she doesn’t even respect the meaning of a mother. Manini grins. Banni challenges her to open Yuvan’s eyes with proof.

Banni calls servants and asks Yuvan if he is feeling pain. Yuvan says it is, but he will continue util she gets well. Banni acts as having severe wrist pain and asks servants, Devraj, and Manini to do parikrama with Yuvan. She tauntys Manini and challenges her that she will trouble her the more she troubles Yuvan.

Manini thinks its not easy to defeat her. After some time, Banni returns home after delivering food. Devraj asks why she drove bike herself. Banni says Vishnu delivered tiffins. She says Manini manipulated Yuvan enacting as Vandana, they should use same tactic against her.

At night, Yuvan peeps into Banni’s room while she is changing her dress. Yuvan enters via window. Banni asks why did he come via window when she was changing her clothes, he should go out and call Myra for help.

Yuvan says he will help as Myra has gone to her friend’s house. Banni asks him to go out and wait till she calls him back. He blindfolds himself and asks if he can help her now. She hesitantly agrees and asks him to zip her dress. He obeys her.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yuvan celebrates Banni’s birthday. Banni asks Yuvan if he can convince his mother to prepare ghewar/sweet for her, thinks Yuvan will realize that Manini is not his real mother when she fails to prepare ghewar.


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