Banni Chow Home Delivery 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 5th July 2022 Banni leaves Yuvan’s house recalling her promise not to visit Yuvan’s house after After Yuvan’s marriage. Charmi applies ointment on Viraj’s wounds and scolds Niyati for trashing Viraj on Banni’s order. Niyati says she couldn’t say anything as Devraj was standing nearby.

Manini enters and says Viraj’s pain will help them get Banni out of their house. Banni returns home. Vishnu asks where was she. Banni says she got late because of Yuvan’s family. He asks her to relax for some time, should he prepare lemonade for her. She says she cannot laze around during work.

Inebriated Mamusa walks to her and asks her to sleep and let him sleep. Banni says god has forgotten to send a pillow for her and says she needs to work hard to repay Mamusa’s 3 lakhs loan or see Raja goon will adbuct her.

Mamusa says he will break Raja’s hand if he touches her. She asks him to control himself first. She then makes Mamusa and Mamisa work with her to serve extra new customers and pay loan soon.

Niyati applies ointment to Yuvan’s wounds and says she will punish whoever tries to harm Yuvan, asks him to rest as they have sangeet ritual tomorrow and need to dance together on a peppy song.

Devraj notices that, walks to Yuvan and asks if its hurting. Niyati shows her fake concern for Yuvan and says she realized how much Viraj hates Yuvan, she will make sure he doesn’t trouble Yuvan again. Manini watches her drama and smirks.

Banni prepares Yuvan’s favorite food and thinks she has to serve the food to him only for 3 days and then get busy with her other clients. Mamisa tells Mamusa that they should grab some money from Devraj to repay their loan. Mamusa likes her idea. At Yuvan’s house, Alpana panics seeing her party dress missing and asks Anchal if she saws her designer lehanga. Anchal is lost in thoughts.

Manini notices Anchal and tries to cheer her up. Hemant says he loves Manini’s nature more than her face as she takes care of his family really well. Banni walks in and looks mesermized seeing the decoration. Alpana tells Manini that she feels Banni stole her designer lehanga and sold it in her locality.

Banni heads towards Yuvan’s room with Devraj and asks him to visit her with Yuvan once in a few days and have her specially prepared dishes. She feels disheartened seeing Yuvan having food from Niyati’s hand. Manini says its Niyati’s days of hard work, Niyati will take care of Yuvan from hereon.

Banni walks in to Yuvan’s room. Yuvan doesn’t even react seeing her. Niyati thanks Banni for making her realize what Yuvan wants, Yuvan started liking her once she punished Viraj. Yuvan cracked a joke while having food, and Niyati laughs. Devraj notices home-cooked food. Manini says she hired a chef for Yuvan and replaced Banni.

Banni asks Niyati to serve her prepared food to Yuvan. Yuvan says he will have it later. Banni feels disheartened seeing Yuvan’s changed nature and ignoring her. Manini taunts Banni its sad to see Niyati replacing Banni, says Yuvan is a kid who just needs someone to be around him and he realized its Niyati and not Banni.

She say it proves that Yuvan is not attracted to her, but she is attracted to Yuvan instead; says if she had spent time with Yuvan sacrificing her professional life, Yuvan would be fond of her instead and Banni wouldn’t have been needed. She asks Banni to go forever as Niyati will take care of Yuvan. Banni wipes her tears.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Banni asks Yuvan if she should go now.Yuvan says she can visit her once in a while. Banni leaves disheartened. Manini hugs Yuvan and thinks nobody can save Yuvan from her plan. Yuvan panics hearing loud music and eryone dancing around him.


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