Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th July 2022 Banni feels disheartend recalling Yuvan ignoring her. Hemant gets tensed seeing Yuvan collapsed and asks what happened to him. Manini also shows her fake concern for Yuvan. Viraj grins at Manini.

Banni returns home with a few kids and prepares sweets for them happily. Vishnu asks reason for her happiness. Banni says her friend TYuvan is having food from Niyati and his papa’s hand, he doesn’t have to be hungry from hereon. She says she will serve Yuvan’s favorite dishes to the kids and asks Vishnu to make them sit.

Doctor checks Yuvan. Manini thinks her given medicine’s effect has worn out now. Yuvan wakes up. Hemant asks how is he feeling now. Yuvan says he is feeling drowsy. Charmi asks Viraj what happened to Yuvan.

Viraj says its after medicine effect. Manini shows her fake concern for Yuvan and signals doctor. Doctor says Yuvan is feeling stressed out due to the function at home and asks him to feed him some juice. Hemant asks Niyati to bring juce for Yuvan. Banni says she will protect Yuvan and will punish anyone who will trouble him.

Niyati brings juice for Yuvan. Yuvan says he will not have juice from dirty angel’s hands and demands Banni. Devraj asks Niyati what happened to Yuvan suddenly while he was having food from her hand till the morning.

Niyati says kids get fuzzy during illness. Hemant feeds juice to Yuvan. Devraj says he will sleep with Yuvan tonight. Niyati asks Manini how will they give second dose to Yuvan if Devraj stays with him, Yuvan is already demanding to meet Banni.

Manini says Devraj and Hemant will realize her plan and hence she needs to give Yuvan medicine soon. Myra tells Hemant that she will stay back with Yuvan as she needs to study for her test whole night. Yuvan agrees. Manini says let Niyati stay with Yuvan. Yuvan insists for Myra. Hemant says let Myra stay with Yuvan and takes Manini out to speak.

Banni cries holding her mother’s photo feeling worried for Yuvan and says she feels someone separate a part of her body. Raja goon troubles Mamisa and says in 7 days he will be her SIL if Banni fails to pay his debt.

Banni puts dog belt in his neck and says asks him to bark as he would be her puppet if he marries her. He barks and freeing himself and says a debtor doesn’t misbehave with creditor. Banni says her mamusa took loan from him and not her, so he shouldn’t dare misbehave with her. Mamisa promises to repay Raja’s loan tomorrow and takes Banni from there.

Banni asks who will give them 4 lakhs. Banni says a distant relative and recalls seeking help from Devraj telling him a fake story. Devraj promises to give her money and says she doesn’t need to repay it. Banni asks who is that relative. Mamisa says she had given 4 lakhs loan to a distant relative and will get it tomorrow. Banni says if she finds Mamisa taking loan from someone else to repay Raja’s loan, she will not keep quiet. Raja’s aides suggest him to punish Banni tonight as her family would attending a wedding tonight.

Yuvan talks about Banni with Myra. Myra asks him to have medicine. Yuvan insists her to him talk to Banni first. She calls Banni. Yuvan asks Banni why didn’t she come today. Banni confused say she had visited him. Yuvan asks why didn’t she offer him tiffin. Banni says he refused to have tiffin. He says he doesn’t remember anything. She asks if he is pranking her. He says no. Raja enters house and removes electric fuse.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raja attacks Banni. Yuvan hearing her crying insist Myra to take him to Banni’s house.


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