Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th August 2022 Yuvan applies mehandi on Banni’s hands. Mamusa Suresh and Mamisa walk to Banni. Myra takes Yuvan from there. Manini and her team question basti people about Yuvan and Banni’s wedding venue luring them with money. Basti people mislead them by giving them different venue names.

Manini shouts basti people are with Banni and misleading them, how will we find out where the wedding is happening. Mamusa and Mamisa apologize Banni and request to forgive them. Banni refuses and says they defamed her and Yuvan’s pure friendship and as a consequence of their wrongdoings, when she and Yuvan are marrying, she doesn’t want them be part of the wedding.

Panditji asks to call bride to the mandap. Yuvan insists to bring Banni to mandap. Sulekha says groom doesn’t bring bride to mandap. Devraj permits Yuvan. Yuvan plays music and brings Banni to the mandap. He says Banni is looking like an angel. Devraj says Banni is only his bride. Yuvan says he will Banni as Banni bride from hereon.

Banni feels sad and says it would have been good if her and Yuvan’s mothers would have been present for their wedding. Yuvan brings their mother’s human sized photos and fixes them at the mandap. Banni feels emotional. Hemant and his team feel frustrated thinking about the wedding location.

Panditji asks bride and groom to exchange garlands. Myra asks Yuvan not to bend easily. Vishnu says even his sister will not bend. Yuvan kneels down and says his mamma said bending in love is a beautiful feeling.

Banni emotionally puts garland in his neck. Yuvan seeks Devraj’s permission who asks him to finish it soon as time is passing on. Yuvan puts garland in Banni’s neck. Panditji asks who will perform kanyadan.

Vishnu says he will. Banni feels more emotional. Devraj performs gathbandan. Panditji says today’s muhurat is very auspicious. Devraj gets Hemant’s call and walks aside. Banni’s blouse hook opens and she hides her back with her veil. Myra checks and tries to fix it.

Devraj picks Heman’t call. Hemant warns him that their relationship will end permanently if he performs Yuvan and Banni’s wedding. Devraj says a child’s smile is most precious to a father which he is missing and says Hemant is free to break their relationship.

Manini asks Viraj to find out Devraj’s location via his techie friend. Devraj returns and asks if pheras finish. Sulekha says not yet. Myura says Banni’s blouse hook broke down. Devraj asks to finish wedding soon before Manini reaches here. Sulekha asks how will Banni perform pheras with open blouse.

Yuvan offers his sherwani to Banni, leaving everyone amazed and happy. Banni cries emotionally. Yuvan asks why is she crying. Banni says these are tears of joy. Yuvan also cryes and says people cry when they are sad. Yuvan says when they are too happy, their eyes speak. Yuvan wipes her tears.

Banni wipes his tears. They then sit back in front of havan. Yuvan panics seeing havan fire. Devraj asks Panditji to set off fire as Yuvan is afraid of it. Panditji says its impossible now. Banni asks Yuvan to look into her eyes and calms down Yuvan. Manini finds wedding location and thinks she will not let this wedding happen. Panditji asks bride and groom to start pheras.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yuvan applies sindhoor in Banni’s hairline and completes wedding. Manini breaks down seeing that and goes to mental asylum to meet a mentally insane boy.


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