Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th September 2022 Manini tells Banni that only she can wake up Yuvan as Yuvan needs his mother’s love and care. Manini stops her and says she will not let Manini visit Yuvan as Manini is the reason for Yuvan’s condition.

Manini says she can try to awake Yuvan and if she fails, then can call her. Manini walks to Yuvan and pleads him to wake up.

She cries reminding Yuvan to keep her happy always, but Yuvan doesn’t react at all. She then dances and asks him to clap and react, recalling their first meeting till their marriage, but Yuvan lies motionless.

Manini walks in next with Devraj and pampering Yuvan sings Vandana’s song. She says she didn’t want to leave Yuvan alone, but had to. She reminds him that she had saved him at a planetarium, they why wouldn’t she save him today. She says she wanted to open her car door, but it got locked and her car keys fell down;

by the time she opened the door, Banni had taken him away. She says she will return back to stars if he doesn’t react. Yuvan shakes his fingers. Manini says he is reacting and asks Banni to tell Yuvan howmuch his mamma loves him and she is his mamma. Devraj asks Banni to tell Yuvan that Manini is Vandana mamma.

Banni thinks she will say that to make him react, says Manini is Vandana mamma, Yuvan was right that Vandana mamma is in Manini. She says she thought nobody can return from the stars, but she was wrong.

She says his mother was the one who sved him repeatedly, he should speak to his mother. Yuvan says mamma and closes eyes again. Banni calls doctor who says its a good news if Yuvan has responded, he will recovery soon.

Banni prays god. Devraj apologizes her for forcing her to life for Yuvan’s sake. Banni says she understands, but if lies win, the world will end.

She reaches home where she notices her wedding video played in reverse. Manini taunts say everything will go in reverse and Banni will turn in just Banni from Banni Yuvan Singh Rathod; she should start counting her days and soon will be out of Rathod mansion.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yuvan asks Manini why Banni told that Manini is not Yuvan’s mamma. Manini says that is because Yuvan’s mamma returned from stars but Banni’s mamma didn’t. Banni brings Ganpati bappa home and challenges Manini to expose her.


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