Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th September 2022 Manini reveals her plan to Banni that she is manipulating Yuvan as she needs 100% of Rathore property and not just 50%. She says she used Banni’s love and care tactic and made Yuvan believe her as his real mother, soon she will make Yuvan kick Banni out of the house.

She thinks she will take revenge from Devraj next and will kick him out of the house. Doctor walks in for checkup and says only 1 person can stay with the patient. Manini asks Banni to go to her room and let her stay with Yuvan. Banni leaves feeling sad and gets busy in kitchen. Viraj walks in and taunts that soon Banni will be out of the house and will lose over Manini, she should start searching a rich husband and a house for herself.

Banni throws a roti roller/belan on him and says her belan gets angry whenever someone tries to mock her. She says he should stop dreaming that makeup ki dukan, phapundar like Manini will help him. Viraj leaves frowning rubbing his head.’

Yuvan asks Manini why Bannni said Manini is not his mamma. Manini says Banni is jealous that his mammma returned from stars and her mamma didn’t, so she wants his mamma to return back to stars. Yuvan requests her not to go. Banni walks in with food for Yuvan and hears their conversation. She returns to kitchen.

Yuvan follows her and hugging her says he heard she is jealous of mamma, but she shouldn’t as mamma belongs to them both and loves them both. Banni smiles at Manini and taunts her that her plan to provoke Yuvan against her failed. She determines to defeat Manini using in her own game.

Next day, Banni brings Ganapati idol home with Yuvan and Devraj dancing with her. She taunts Manini that she prays Bappa to protect Yuvan from evil forces. She continues tanting Manini. Manini stands frowning. Viraj tells Charmie that Manini will not spare Banni. Charmie says she sees Banni overtaking Manini soon.

Yuvan, Devraj, and others dance in front of Bappa’s idol. Viraj shows aarti thali to Yuvan. Yan panics seeing fire. Banni asks Yuvan to relax and look into her eyes and then Bappa’s eyes. He does and calms down. She asks him to perform aarti with her. He does confidently, warding off his fear. Viraj and Manini stand frowning seeing that.

Vishnu invites Devraj and his family for his basti’s ganpati festival celebration. He tells Banni that basti celebration is incomplete without Banni. Yuvan asks Manini if she will accompany them. Manini says she is busy and hence Yuvan will accompany him. Next day, Devraj with Banni, Yuvan, and Myra reaches basti.

Vishnu greets them and says basti’s festival is incomplete without Banni’s prepared prasad and bhog. Banni asks him to take Yuvan’s help in pandal decoration. Yuvan happily agrees. Myra accompanies them.

Banni then tells Devraj that they need to keep Yuvan busy at work and make him tired so that he doesn’t have time for Malini’s conspiracies and sleep peacefully without Manini’s help. Devraj likes her idea. She says she decided that only music can keep Yuvan busy.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yuvan teaches music to basti children. Banni then sings on stage and starts coughing. Raja goon taunts her that she has evilness in her mind and hence god is not supporting her.


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