Barister Babu 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Barister Babu 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Barister Babu 12th July 2021 Episode starts with Anirudh seeing Bondita smiling and getting away. He says Vaijanti…. She comes to senses. He says write it on your own. She acts that she can’t write. She recalls her childhood moments. She gets hiccups. She says I think someone is missing me, I m getting hiccups. He asks her to have water. He asks did it stop. She says it won’t go by drinking water, it goes when we take the names of those who miss me. She takes his name in her heart. Rishta tera mera…..plays….

Her hiccups stop. She says I told you, it will stop this way if I think of someone dear. He thinks of Bondita and gets hiccups. She says look, your dear one is missing you, take that person’s name, it will go. He says it will go by water. He drinks water. She says take name of that person. Thakumaa says we shall send this tiffin to Bondita, she would be hungry. Chandrachur comes and says I will give the tiffin to Bondita at the court. Tapur says you are busy, I will send it by some servant. Chandrachur says work isn’t imp than family, Bondita left Anirudh and regarded us family, its our duty to regard her family. Thakumaa agrees.

Trilochan asks what happened. Anirudh drinks water. He says send that girl back. Trilochan asks is anyone missing you, why are you getting hiccups. Bondita thinks why did he change so much. She looks for Anirudh’s diary. She gets his diary. She finds it blank. She thinks maybe there is some diary. Anirudh says you are also saying her language, Vaijanti. Trilochan says maybe it has some truth. Anirudh says water will stop the hiccups. She gets kachoris smell. She says I can have some kachoris until Anirudh comes. Bihari takes the kachoris. She goes to the kitchen. She recalls the childhood moment. She looks for kachoris. She drops a flour box on herself. Everyone comes and recall Bondita. Trilochan says Bahu… Anirudh says Bondita….. Bihari also says Bondita. She nods and says look, your hiccups stopped, because you took the name of the person who was missing you, I had told you.

Thakumaa asks did Bondita eat the food. She check the tiffin. She sees the food. Chandrachur says Bondita wasn’t at the court. She asks what. Bondita thinks I shall know Anirudh’s feeling soon. Her bag falls down. She picks the things. She leaves something behind. Chandrachur says I will ask her. Thakumaa says no, I will ask her. Bondita goes and changes her clothes. She cleans her hand and sees Anirudh’s name tattooed. She says no one can break our relation, I will make everything fine soon.

Anirudh and everyone dine. Sampoorna gets the food plate back. He asks didn’t he have the food today, I will take it. He goes. Everyone hears some sound. Anirudh comes back with the empty plate. Sampoorna says just you can feed him the food, you got hurt again. Anirudh says this wound will always remind me the cheat of Krishnanagar people, I will never forget that I have to take revenge for this. Bondita thinks of Anirudh. She smiles. Thakumaa sees her coming. Chandrachur says a bird struggles to get free from cage. Thakumaa asks how was your day, Bondita. Bondita says it was a good start. Thakumaa says lie, we know you didn’t go to court today.

Bondita asks when did I say that I m coming from the court. She says I said I went for some work, I didn’t lie, I was finding work, I wasn’t getting a case by sitting in the court. Chandrachur says I know it, those men would have troubled her, she doesn’t need to go there, she can handle business. He says I will be glad if you join me in work, I can teach you work. Bondita says thanks for the offer, my answer is no, I have to go to the court, I have to fight Anirudh and show that we aren’t weak, I have to get him jailed. Thakumaa smiles. Sumati thinks I can’t believe that she is saying this for Anirudh.

Bondita thinks I have explained Thakumaa that my relation is just of enmity, I will soon find out the reason of his enmity, and make the families patch up. Somnath gets the female wallet. He says Chandrachur sends female spies to our house. Anirudh says we will give them a reply now. The man brings the box to Chandrachur. Chandrachur reads the letter, proof of Krishnanagar’s spy.

Bondita thinks its my wallet, maybe it fell down. They get Anirudh’s message…. we respect women, but Krishnanagar people are taking our decency as our weakness, we will see any spy as an enemy now, we will not send back any spy, we will keep them in Tulsipur as bandhua labor, take it as warning or my advice, no girl of Krishnanagar should dare to come to Tulsipur. Thakumaa asks which girl did you send there. Chandrachur says I didn’t send anyone. Thakumaa says check the wallet well, there would be some sign in it. Chandrachur checks. He sees the elaichi pack. Thakumaa says it means some girl has gone to Tulsipur from here, if you didn’t send her, then who is she, why did she go. Chandrachur says I will find out. He sees Bondita. He asks her not to worry, have food, this happens every day. He asks Tupur to feed food to Bondita. Thakumaa says I pity that girl, Tulsipur people won’t understand her loyalty and Krishnanagar people won’t forgive her cheat. Bondita goes.

Its morning, Bondita prays to Durga Maa. She says I can’t get caught until my motive is fulfilled, protect me. Sumati comes and says pray for something that maintains peace. Bondita says I prayed for that only, really. Bondita hears a sound and goes to see Tupur. She asks what was the sound, how did you get hurt, tell me. Chandrachur comes. Tupur cries.


Barister Babu 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anirudh says he’s feeling hot and turns on the fan. Feathers fall as fan starts. Bondita dances in joy. She loses her balance. Anirudh catches her. They both slip and fall in a bathtub filled with water. Both look at each other. Trilochan comes there and sees that. He asks what’s going on?


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