Barister Babu 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Barister Babu 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Barister Babu 14th October 2020 Episode starts with Anirudh saying I got the sign, Durga Maa, I will find her. He goes to stop the man taking sweets handi. He thinks to follow him. He runs. Bondita smiles seeing the sweets. Tara asks her to have it. Bondita says I can’t have it before keeping bhog, where is the idol. Anirudh thinks what’s this place. The girls tease him. The man tells about the drugs available. Anirudh refuses to him. He asks what’s this place. The man says this is Hira mandi. Bondita asks for the idol to do puja. Tara fools her again. Bondita takes the sweets handi. She gives it to girls. She says you are Durga, we all are Durga. Tara looks on angrily. Anirudh says I will find out where did the sweets handis go. He recalls Rasiya’s words. He says Rasiya Bai is from Hira mandi, she knows Bondita also, she can help me, I have find her.

Anirudh stops the man and asks about Rasiya. The man shows him Tara’s kotha. Anirudh pays him money. He looks at the Kotha. Bondita sees Surayya hurt. She brings haldi and does aid. Surayya asks what gift shall I give you. Bondita says pray that I meet Gandhi ji so that I take him and go to my mum. Sita Ram….plays… Anirudh enters the kotha. Tara says wash hands and have rasgullas now. Bondita smiles. Tara sees him coming. She thinks who is coming at this time, I have to stop Bondita. She signs Surayya. Surayya goes to stop Bondita. She pulls Bondita. The haldi bowl falls down. The haldi gets on Anirudh’s hand. He thinks of Bondita. Kuch khafa hoon…..plays…. Bondita stops there. Tara asks her to come inside.

Surayya stops Anirudh and says people come here at night, you came here in the morning, go. He says no, you are mistaken. Rasiya comes and pushes him inside. Anirudh smiles and says I came here to meet you. She says you came here after me, your pride got over. He says no, you are mistaken. She says we are not dual faced here, we don’t like big things like you who left your wife. Surayya thinks he looks like Bondita’s husband, I have to tell Tara. She goes. Rasiya says I will make a wish, you just see how I welcome dual faced landlords like you. She starts dancing with the girls on Chayl chabeela…..

Bondita comes to see who is dancing. She doesn’t see Rasiya and Anirudh. Rasiya makes Anirudh dance. Tara takes away Bondita. Rasiya makes Anirudh out and asks him to leave. He gets sad and sees Bondita’s sketch. Tara makes Bondita ready and praises her long hair. Surayya comes and says that guy is Bondita’s husband. Tara asks the constable to stop Anirudh from entering her Kotha. Anirudh says let me come in. She says there is just my rule here, just leave, its your fight with Rasiya, just go, you have come to answer, you want to stop our business. Constable asks Anirudh to go, there is no permit. Tara says such officers come to us at night. Anirudh says just Rasiya can help me, I have to explain her some how. He says I will find you Bondiya. He goes to some hotel.

He thinks to stay in hira mandi only to find Bondita. He sees the hotel not suitable for the stay. He coughs. Surmani asks why did Anirudh leave the house and go to find that thief. Munshi says don’t know. Surmani says I will get goat milk. He asks for tea. Saurabh and Sampoorna look on. Saurabh says forgive me, you tried to tell truth but I stopped you. She says its my mistake, Bondita did a lot to save my house, I couldn’t stop her. He says we will try our best that Anirudh finds her and gets her back.

Anirudh says I won’t run away, I will stay here, you are close. Bondita comes to the window and looks outside. Tara comes there and sees her. She asks her to go and have some food. Bondita goes. She shouts to Surayya. She says just shut the windows, it should be permanent fix. Anirudh looks at the Kotha. Its night, Rasiya sits in the palanquin. The palanquin is damaged. The men take it to fix. Anirudh comes and kidnaps Rasiya. He takes her along and shows his face. He folds hands. She looks at him.

She says you. He says yes, sorry. She says if Tara knows this, she will not leave you. He says I don’t care for anyone, not even my respect and life, I just worry for Bondita, I think she is here in Hira mandi. He shows the sketches. Rasiya recalls the new girls. He says I feel worried thinking she can be here, just you can help me, you are my last hope, you know Bondita, this is your house, I request you to help me, please Rasiya Bai.


Barister Babu 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bondita asks what’s written in this. The man says your husband got engaged to this girl. Bondita says I will write a letter for him. The man writes the letter. She cries. Anirudh steps on the letter and reads it. He thinks it maybe Bondita’s letter.


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