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Barister Babu 20st May 2021 Episode starts with Thakumaa saying I don’t keep anyone without checking. Kamla says she is my relative. Anirudh thinks to walk like a girl. Thakumaa asks what’s your name. She asks Kamla not to answer, let the girl say it, is she mute. Anirudh says Roopa. Thakumaa says you have some wrong intention, so you aren’t meeting eyes. Anirudh says women should always look down, we are taught this since childhood. Thakumaa says yes, right. Bondita says wrong, Anirudh taught me to always look up. Thakumaa says Rimjhim is there to work. She puts some oil on the floor. She asks Anirudh to clean it well and show, without using a soap. Anirudh steps there and falls down. Thakumaa laughs. She says I think you didn’t do any work till now, girls you clean up this oil and show her. Bondita gets some soil and puts over the oil.

Thakumaa says amazing Bondita. Anirudh smiles and thinks why did I think of this. Thakumaa asks Kamla to get her cousin sister back. Anirudh hears Sumati asking for water. He runs inside and gives her water. Thakumaa and everyone follow him. Anirudh says I thought someone is ill when I heard her voice, I came to give water, sorry. Bondita asks Thakumaa to hire Roopa. Anirudh thinks even this way got shut to reach Bondita and teach her, how will I support her now. Thakumaa stops him and says I will hire you, but take your test for three days. Anirudh says I heard you can identify diamonds and women. Thakumaa says I hired you just because of Bondita. He thinks I also came just for her. Rimjhim asks Anirudh to clean the place. Anirudh sweeps the floor. Thakumaa asks what else do you know. Anirudh recalls Bondita’s words. He tells haldi benefits. Bondita thinks of him.

Thakumaa asks about her family. Anirudh lies. He says I have to work to raise my children, woman shouldn’t go out of the house to earn, but I m helpless. Thakumaa asks what’s your opinion about women education. Anirudh says I think the girl who studies should be cursed. Thakumaa laughs. Bondita scolds Anirudh. She asks did you go to school ever and study. He says no. She says I know what’s education, I m educated. He says education makes a girl spoilt and uncontrollable, it ruins a house. Bondita says no, education makes a house bright. Thakumaa hears their argument. Anirudh asks what’s wrong, its good for women to keep them bound. Bondita says Anirudh wants to change this thinking, he is fighting not just for me, but for every woman, I will study and fight for his principles. He smiles. Thakumaa throws a burning coal on Bondita’s foot. Bondita screams. Anirudh gets worried. Thakumaa scolds Bondita. She says I will keep the coal on your tongue if you take Anirudh’s name again, understood. Bondita goes. Anirudh thinks I will tell you that I m your Sakha babu, I will take you far from here. He goes to Bondita. She asks him not to talk. He says Bondita, I m your Sakha babu. They hear a gunshot.

They see Thakumaa with a gun. Thakumaa asks why did you get scared. Anirudh says you have a gun in your hand. Thakumaa says I had to lift the gun again for the vultures that came to Krishnanagar. Anirudh says yes, Bondita came here, I came here to stop her and protect her from the vultures. Bondita says I can take care of myself. He thinks she didn’t hear what I said. Thakumaa says Roopa is right, come inside. Rimjhim asks Anirudh to wash all the clothes. Anirudh thinks I never washed clothes, how to know which soap to use. Thakumaa asks him to start the work. Anirudh says Rimjhim Malkin… Rimjhim gets glad. Anirudh asks which soap shall I use to wash the clothes. Rimjhim says I won’t say, ask Bondita, I have much work. She goes. He thinks its a good chance to tell Bondita that I m Anirudh. Bondita and Tapur refuse to talk. They leave. Anirudh thinks I have to tell Bondita that I m Anirudh, else Bondita can spoil my plan.

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