Barister Babu 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update


Barister Babu 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Barister Babu 22nd May 2021 Episode starts with Bondita asking Thakumaa to come and see Roopa’s truth. Anirudh runs to hide from Rimjhim. Rimjhim sees him and asks why are you hiding there. Anirudh says I was sweeping. Bondita gets Thakumaa there and asks her to check Roopa. Roopa says my saree got loose. Bondita says I had got it stuck to show her truth. Thakumaa says my house has many valuables, come here, I will check you, I m a woman, why are you scared of my touch.

Anirudh does a drama. He says if I m not a thief, then what, I will get defamed, they will say that Roopa is a thief, you know that if a woman gets defamed once, then she can’t get work anywhere, you can check and do anything, I m not a thief. Bondita says its true that she isn’t a thief, but she is a liar, she hides and eats tobacco, I had seen some woman there. Anirudh says no. Bondita asks Thakumaa to check her. Thakumaa recalls having tobacco to relieve her stress. Anirudh thinks Bondita, she will get notes from me if she checks. Thakumaa warns Roopa and says I m doing pity on your family and not firing you, now proper the saree and get to work. She asks Bondita to come with her and help in packing. She goes.

Anirudh gets relieved. He thinks how did Bondita get mistaken about tobacco, my plans are failing, how shall I tell truth to Bondita. Thakumaa packs things. She asks Tapur and Tupur not to stare the food, its for her nephew, their dad will have stomach ache if the things catch their bad sight. She asks Rimjhim to get almonds. She says 4-5 almonds are less. Rimjhim says its 1 kg total, I didn’t have it. The girls say we didn’t eat it. Thakumaa asks them to say truth. Bondita comes and says I had taken 5 almonds at night. Thakumaa says you were blaming Roopa for the theft, you have stolen the almonds. Bondita says I was feeling hungry, I didn’t get sweets in the kitchen.

Thakumaa scolds her. Bondita asks can’t a woman feel hungry, when you are sending dry fruits for Kaka, why can’t women eat it, why do you have this partiality. Thakumaa says a man gets property, a woman gets charity, your Kaka earns money for us. Bondita says we also work here at home in the kitchen, he manages work, we manage home, is this less hardwork, tell me, my Sakha babu says that women should also eat healthy food like men, almonds are beneficial for sharp memory, there is no time to feel hungry, Anirudh says we should have food when we feel hungry. Anirudh smiles. Rimjhim thinks Bondita is gone today.

Thakumaa asks Roopa to get a water pot. Rimjhim asks Roopa to do as Thakumaa tells. Thakumaa says pour the water on my head. Anirudh pours the water over her. Thakumaa says Bondita, I could have killed you for saying that, but I did this to calm my anger, a woman is known by hunger in stomach and tears in eyes, if a woman was permitted to have food always, then why were fasts kept for only women, its for making them learn control their hunger, she should first feed the family and then have the remaining food, I can see you have become sharp-tongued, from now, I will control your sharp tongue, hunger and mind, you will just get one Luchi in food, so that you learn to control your hunger, you will feel weak and get dizzy, but your mind will open up, Anirudh taught you useless things, it will get out of your mind. Anirudh feels bad. Thakumaa asks Roopa to keep all the things in her room, she will lock it up. She says Bondita, you can’t even see food now, remember that Vaid treats the wounds given by enemy, none could save you from the wounds given by Vaid. Bondita cries.

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