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Barister Babu 24th May 2021 Episode starts with Anirudh saying it will be a harsh punishment for Bondita. Thakumaa asks why are you worrying for her, do you have any relation with her. Anirudh says no, a servant just has a relation with income. She says I have blood relation with her, will I let her life get burn, her husband left her, she has to leave her hunger and adornment, I will make her forget whatever Anirudh taught her, its Anirudh’s mistake to brainwash her and snatch her values, he broke relation when he wanted, he abandoned her, a man doesn’t get punished, Bondita had to bear the punishment, I will not spare Anirudh if I have punished Bondita, never.

Thakumaa asks Bondita to always have hunger in stomach and tears in eyes. Tapur says but Bondita would be feeling hungry. Thakumaa says Bondita’s hunger is bigger like your mind, I will fill your plate like Tapur and Tupur. She asks Bondita will she take more luchis, but she will have to forget what Anirudh taught her. She asks Bondita to think. Anirudh says Thakumaa knows that Bondita needs healthy food in this growing age, but still she is keeping her hungry, how can she be so strict. Tupur says Bondita got affected by Thakumaa’s bitter medicine. Bondita takes the luchis and says I can’t think of anything when I m hungry, but this won’t happen today, you wanted me to learn to control hunger, see I have controlled my hunger by my will power, I can stay hungry. Anirudh smiles. Bondita says I can never forget that Anirudh taught me, I will not agree to the biasing you do with men and women’s hunger, Anirudh asks me to argue till we create a difference, woman is not weak, this thinking has to change.

Thakumaa gets angry and gets up. Anirudh worries. Thakumaa gets a stick. She scolds Bondita. She says you can do any work in hungry state, you have to grind the whole month’s spices, I don’t want any excuse that you are feeling dizzy and having stomach ache, understood. Bondita says I will grind the spices, Anirudh says that we lost if we lose by heart and we win if we win by heart, I will not get scared of anything. Anirudh thinks bravo Bondita. Thakumaa says fine, get to work, I m going to see Vimla, she is suffering from fever. Thakumaa takes Bondita’s food share to feed the animals. Bondita goes and grinds the spices. Tupur asks her to tie a wet cloth to her stomach if she feels hungry. Anirudh thinks Bondita will fall sick if she works on an empty stomach, I have to feed her food somehow. He thinks Thakumaa has locked the kitchen, I have to get food for her from my haveli. Thakumaa sees Trilochan. Bihari jokes. Trilochan says I have some work, you leave. Bihari goes. Trilochan follows Thakumaa. She gets angry on him. She asks why are you following me. He says you know it well, I have to talk to you.

She says I don’t talk to strangers. He asks am I a stranger, I remember it well Kalindi, we had a relation before. She shouts Bihari… Bihari comes. Thakumaa asks Trilochan to tell it in front of Bihari, what relation did they have, time keeps an account of everything. He goes. Bondita feels hungry and thinks of Anirudh. Sampoorna thinks who is the other woman in this house. Anirudh goes to take food. Sampoorna asks who is there. He hides. She thinks someone was here. She goes. Anirudh takes the Luchis. Sampoorna hears the anklet sound again and says its some thief. Anirudh runs away. Sampoorna gets an anklet and thinks whose anklet is this, I have to find out. Anirudh goes to Bondita’s room and calls her out. She cries.

He knocks and asks her to open the door. He knocks like he used to knock before. Bondita recalls Anirudh’s words and says Sakha babu. She runs to see. She sees Roopa at the door. She says Thakumaa would have sent her. She says I can’t forget Anirudh’s teaching. He knocks again. She thinks did Anirudh come. Anirudh says I got food for you, open the door before Thakumaa comes. Bondita opens the door and asks why are you knocking thrice like this, thrice once or twice. Anirudh asks why, knocking thrice and getting sweets for you, can just Anirudh do this for you. He smiles and says its me Anirudh, your Sakha babu. She smiles and says Sakha babu, come in fast. He says yes. They shut the door. She happily hugs him. Rishta tera mera….plays….

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