Barister Babu 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Barister Babu 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Barister Babu 26th August 2021 Episode starts with Bondita saying I will tell the three words which I kept hidden in my heart, I love you. Anirudh and Bondita smile. She says I love you baristra babu. They hug. Thakumaa asks Trilochan not to forget that he is at her door. She says if Anirudh has come here, then he will get shot today. Trilochan and Thakumaa point the guns at each other. He says don’t dare to shoot Anirudh, else my men will shoot you all. She laughs and says I won’t get scared, don’t forget that you are standing here in my house, my aim is at Anirudh’s head today, he shouldn’t think of Bondita after dying.

Trilochan says go and find Bondita, she won’t get saved today. The men look for Anirudh and Bondita. Bondita looks outside. She sees the men. She asks Anirudh to go, Thakumaa’s goons will kill him. He says I won’t go anywhere, I can’t go, we will go together or stay back together, I m bound in the relation of love. She says I m bound by the promise to my mum. Tupur stops the men and says I will look inside, prasad is kept inside, you can’t go, look other side. The men go. Tupur enters the kitchen. She sees Anirudh and points gun at him. Bondita comes in front of him. She says shoot me, but not him, its not my mistake. Anirudh says she is lying, shoot me. Tupur shuts the door.

Bondita says its not his mistake, shoot me. Tupur says you love each other a lot, why do you want to die in love, you can live with each other, Bondita, run away from here, from this enmity, go away from here, live with your love, if you both go out, then you both will get killed, Krishnanagar people will kill Anirudh and Tulsipur people will kill Bondita, just go away. Bondita says I can’t break my promise to Sumati, never. She cries. Tupur says I will explain Sumati, Anirudh wasn’t with you before, but he is with you now, just go away. Bondita says yes, but she made me swear, I can’t go out without her permission. Anirudh says I will talk to Sumati. Bondita says no, you won’t go out. Tupur says if Sumati agrees, then go with him, else stay here.

Bondita says I will go and talk to her. Tupur says we don’t have much time, Bondita, maybe I can’t stop the men coming here. Anirudh nods to Bondita. Tupur says I will just talk to Sumati, till then you both change your clothes. She goes to Sumati. She says I know where is Bondita, I have hidden her. Sumati asks is she fine. Tupur says I can’t save her for long, just Anirudh can save her. Sumati asks what do you want to say. Tupur says Anirudh has come here to save Bondita, but she refused, you free her from the promise. Bondita says I love you a lot, but can’t live without you, but I can’t go against Sumati’s decision. He says we won’t get separated, I will stop the world, I will not let you get separated from me, I will always stay with you, its my promise. They smile. Sumati says never, its wrong. Tupur says if Bondita gets caught, then she will get killed, Anirudh and Bondita love each other, it will be right if Bondita goes with him.

Anirudh gets some curtains. He asks Bondita to go and change. Sumati says Bondita has to leave Anirudh, even if she dies, she can never hold his hand, I will never free her from the promise. Tupur thinks its good if Bondita goes, I will do anything for this. Chandrachur is sleeping. Guard wakes him and says Anirudh has run away with Bondita. Chandrachur asks what. He looks beside. He recalls Tupur. He says how did I make this big mistake, I will kill everyone. Anirudh asks did Sumati say anything. Bondita looks at Sumati. She says until I know her yes or no, my breath will be stuck, everything depends on her decision, forgive me if I can’t support you.

He says we will never get separated, Sumati’s decision will be in our favour, maybe she is saying yes. Tupur says if you think Bondita is doing right by not going with Anirudh, just sign her yes once, she will understand that you want the same. Sumati asks where is she. Tupur says she can see you, her life is in risk, just sign yes to her, tell her that its your yes. Sumati signs yes. Bondita smiles. She says Sumati has said yes for our relation. Anirudh hugs her and says we got her blessings, now shall we go. Sumati says I bless Bondita, Durga maa gives her strength and courage, Bondita never holds Anirudh’s hand. Anirudh holds Bondita’s hand. They smile. Rishta tera mera….plays… Anirudh throws a rope down. He asks Bondita to come. He says we will make a new start. Bondita smiles.

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