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Barister Babu 2nd July 2021 Episode starts with the men saying we should cut these girls’ hair and punish them. Anirudh slaps the man. A man comes to Chandrachur and says Tulsipur people caught the girls you sent. Chandrachur says but I have just sent one girl. Thakumaa says other girl would be Bondita, we have to stop Anirudh from getting her. Anirudh says we have enmity with Krishnanagar people, we will give life, but one can’t cross limits, women and children are outside the enmity, you call me barrister and expect me to do injustice with women, if you see any woman badly, then you will get shot by me. Bondita looks on.

The man says we know your principles, Krishnanagar people use this principle and send women here, shall we get these girls married to the useless men of our village. Anirudh says its a woman’s right to decide on her life, I will drop these girls to Krishnanagar, make them sit in the car. Bondita thinks thanks Durga Maa, Anirudh is still the same, he didn’t change. Anirudh goes. Thakumaa, Chandrachur and Sumati come there at the border. Anirudh stops the jeep and gets down. Thakumaa stops Sumati. Chandrachur takes the gun from his men. Thakumaa argues with Anirudh. He says I have taken the wounds given by you. Chandrachur makes fun of Anirudh. He says I m waiting for Thakumaa’s sign, I can ruin Tulsipur at once. Anirudh shouts on him.

Thakumaa gets angry. Chandrachur says no, just control your anger and voice, because Bondita is with them. Anirudh says we respect women, so we are returning them, if you do this again, then I will lay thorns in Krishnanagar, all the Vaids won’t be able to heal the wounds. Bondita passes by. Anirudh looks on. Thakumaa sees the girl’s face. She then unveils Bondita. Anirudh turns away. Bondita says its me, Bondita. Sumati hugs her and says Bondita…. Anirudh hears this. Bondita asks Anirudh to listen to him. Anirudh leaves. Sumati asks Bondita not to go to him, her one move can lead to destruction. Bondita says I won’t stop without meeting my Lord. Thakumaa drags Bondita. Bondita cries. Her dupatta flies off. It falls on Anirudh’s face. He asks the man to burn the dupatta in a way that its ashes reach Krishnanagar, not Tulsipur.

Tapur and Tupur welcome Bondita. Bondita identifies them. Tapur hugs her. She says you didn’t change a bit. Bondita says I m an Indian by heart, I won’t change. She sees Tupur and says you got married, congrats, who is your husband, where are Rimjhim and Shomik. Tupur leaves. Bondita asks what happened to her. Chandrachur says don’t worry, I will handle my Tupur. He goes. Bondita says Chandrachur is Tupur’s husband. Thakumaa says yes, you had run away from that wedding, Tupur saved the family respect. Bondita asks Sumati about Anirudh. Thakumaa asks her to go and check her room, everything is as per her choice. She asks Tapur to get Rasgulla for Bondita. Anirudh watches Bihari and his family. The kids say you get many things for us to eat, why don’t you get Rasgullas. He recalls Bondita. Thakumaa feeds Rasgulla to Bondita. She says you will fight the case from our side. Anirudh scolds the kids. The kids hold their ears and apologize. He hugs them and says we will be together. He asks Bihari to take care of the kids. He goes.

Bihari’s wife asks why does Anirudh raise the orphans. Bihari says Anirudh takes the responsibility of such orphans, his heart is very soft. Trilochan says I heard she has come back. Anirudh says you can take her name. Trilochan asks what did you think of her. Anirudh says what’s there to think, I didn’t die alone, my memories, thinking and dreams also died, I didn’t meet Bondita, I won’t meet her ever. Bondita says I will ask Anirudh, he can’t stay away from me. Trilochan asks till when will you keep yourself away, relations are like the lines on the palm, it doesn’t get erased. Anirudh says I know, so I have to cut those lines. He gets a call from Bondita.

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