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Barister Babu 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Barister Babu 30th August 2021 Episode starts with Chandrachur asking how did this ring come here. Anirudh and Bondita hear him and turn away. They hide. Chandrachur says Anirudh is somewhere around, look for him. Anirudh and Bondita run on the road. They reach somewhere. He asks how will you sleep. She says who will sleep today, why won’t we talk all night, we will become old friends, this is our coffee mugs, look here. He says some more sugar. She acts to make coffee. She asks him to have coffee, its hot. He thanks her. She says you are welcome, Mr. Sakha Babu, Mr. Baristra babu, I used to go to coffee house, because coffee smell reminded me of you. He says I couldn’t ask what you did there, tell me everything. She says I just used to think of you, I used to talk about you, one of my friend was special. He asks male friend, I don’t care, you may not tell me. He goes. She smiles.

She says you said you don’t care about it. He says yes. She says if you had female friends, then I would have not cared. He says really, I will not hide anything about my female friends, I will tell you everything. She asks what, you had female friends. He says yes, there are many, I will tell you. She makes an upset face. He smiles. He says coffee fell down, I will clear it, you said you don’t care. She says I had lied, I do care. He says me too. She says I can’t share you with anyone. He says me too. They hold hands. She says you got jealous of my friend. He says no. She says little bit. He says no. She says don’t lie, I had seen many expressions on your face, but this jealous expression for the first time, I liked it a lot, really. He says I was bit jealous, I feel friendship shouldn’t be done by seeing gender, but by seeing thoughts, if the person can become our partner, I thought just I m your friend, Anirudh. She says no, I say the truth, just you think its false. He corrects her. They laugh.

She says you are my only friend. He says you are my only friend. He sees her feet hurt. He says forgive me, you don’t have anything to eat and place to live, its because of me. She says you are my house, your words are my food, your love is my roof, I can sleep in peace, we are together, its enough for me. She says you fought for me, I exist because of you. He stops her and says I exist because of you, I have left enmity and chose the path of love, I smiled after 8 years because of you, you made me meet myself, I m breathing free because of you, I started feeling alive because of you. They smile holding hands.

They lie to sleep on the ground. He sees her sleeping. He sees some insect on her face and throws it away. She wakes up and asks what happened. He says there was an insect, I threw it, did you get scared. She says no. She gets scared and hugs him. He shows the leaf. She says you scared me. He says you can’t sleep on the floor. He makes a bedding for her and asks her to sleep. She asks how will you sleep. He says like always. He lies on the ground. She gets some sheet for him and makes a tent for him. They hold hands and sleep.

The kids play dhol. Trilochan comes home with Somnath. He sends the kids and breaks the dhol. He scolds Sampoorna. He says my men are finding Anirudh and Bondita, the men will catch them, Anirudh and Bondita can never unite. Its morning, someone knocks the door. Anirudh wakes up Bondita. Anirudh opens the door. The man says you are still here, we have to reach Chandan nagar soon, we have to go and work in the marriage, what’s your name. She says he is Raja, I m Rani. The man asks them to work well as servants in that marriage function house. Bondita and Anirudh lie to them. The men leave. Bondita laughs and says Raja ji come.

Anirudh says yes. They sit in the cart. Chandrachur comes there in front of the cart. He asks where are you going. The man says Chandan nagar, we are going for Kallu halwai work. Chandrachur asks his goons to check everyone. Anirudh hides behind the sack. Bondita dons a ghunghat. Chandrachur looks at her. Anirudh gets a sneeze. Bondita holds his nose. Chandrachur checks a sack. The goon says Trilochan and Somnath went in that direction. Chandrachur says it means, they got a news of Bondita and Anirudh, if I don’t reach there then they will kill Bondita. He leaves with his goons. Anirudh sits relieved. Bondita says we got saved. Anirudh says we had blessings of two mums, Durga Maa and Sumati Maa, we can’t get caught. They laugh. Rishta tera mera….plays…

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