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Barister Babu 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Barister Babu 5th June 2021 Episode starts with Thakumaa scolding Bondita for making her impure by saving her. She asks Bondita to apologize in front of everyone. Bondita argues. Thakumaa says you think you have saved the entire Krishnanagar. Bondita says no, you save lives of entire Krishnanagar by your medicines, if anything happened to you, then who would save the people, I saved you who save many lives, I didn’t do any mistake by saving your life. Thakumaa raises hand. Anirudh and Shomik come. Anirudh says don’t beat her, baba ji will have an option. Thakumaa asks Shomik to tell some solution. Shomik says the patient will tell the treatment herself. Bondita recalls Anirudh’s words. Anirudh signs her. Bondita says jungle, havan….

Thakumaa asks what is she saying. Shomik says she has to a havan alone in the dark jungle, then she will change. Thakumaa says no, she can’t go out during periods, she can’t step out alone from my house. Anirudh says baba ji is saying, he would be right. Thakumaa says Anirudh is ready to insult me. Anirudh says I will go with Bondita, I will kill him if he comes. She asks how can I send Bondita alone. Shomik says family can’t go alone, but Roopa is a servant, she can go along. Thakumaa says fine, go and prepare for the havan. Shomik asks why do you want to take Bondita there, I m her Kaka, she is like Tapur and Tupur for me. Anirudh says don’t worry, I want to take Bondita to have some fresh air. Shomik gives him money and says make her have kulfi on the way. Anirudh says fine, I will keep the havan items.

Bondita smiles. She signs Anirudh to shave once. Anirudh says I have to go to haveli to shave. Thakumaa asks Roopa to hurry. Bondita asks Anirudh to take the shaving kit from the storeroom. Anirudh goes and shaves. Rimjhim comes to the storeroom. She thinks to hide the necklace. She hides the necklace. She thinks how is this shaving soap smell coming here. She gets shocked seeing Roopa. She says it means Roopa is a man, not a woman. She smiles and says I will tell her truth to Thakumaa, she will be happy, I will ask for a big necklace. She imagines Thakumaa gifting her a big necklace. Anirudh leaves and locks the door. Thakumaa says I m sending my house respect with you, remember the girl shouldn’t get under any stranger’s shadow, I broke the rules, I m sending Bondita outside during her periods, she shouldn’t leave from the havan, the havan should complete. Anirudh says don’t worry, think that I m taking my own property with me. They leave. Thakumaa says stop… Rimjhim thinks to hit the door and try to get help. Thakumaa asks where is Rimjhim, she knew Roopa and Bondita are going for havan. Rimjhim gets hurt and faints.

Anirudh thinks Thakumaa doesn’t know that we are going to get our visa, the office can get shut if she stops us for more time. He signs Shomik. Shomik says hurry up, mahurat is passing. Tupur says I think mum went out, she isn’t at home. Thakumaa says I will not leave her. Anirudh says we shall leave now. Thakumaa says yes. They leave. Shomik says now you see, once this havan completes, Bondita will get obedient, I was thinking to leave once the havan completes. Thakumaa says as you want, let me gift you some food and ghee. She goes. Anirudh and Bondita come to the visa office. He says we will get passport and visa. He checks the papers. He worries. She asks is he scared, that she will not get visa. She encourages him. Thakumaa goes to open the door. She screams seeing Rimjhim with the black powder over her. She shouts ghost and beats her. Rimjhim says its me. Shomik comes to see. Rimjhim says I have to tell you that Roopa is a man, not a woman. Thakumaa asks are you in senses, what did Roopa do. Rimjhim says I have a proof, Roopa just used a shaving kit. Thakumaa recalls Roopa.

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