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Barister Babu 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Barister Babu 6th July 2021 Episode starts with Sumati doing the aid to Bondita. She says you went to Anirudh once again when we stopped you. Bondita says this is his name written on me, I will not give up. Thakumaa says Bondita has gone to Tulsipur again. Chandrachur says this time, Bondita got this wound from Anirudh, I will never let them unite, don’t worry. Bondita takes a saree from the table. Its morning, Pandit comes to Trilochan and says Durga maa idol is missing from the temple. Trilochan says just Krishnanagar people can do this to bring obstacles in Anirudh’s puja, I will not leave them. Tapur says Durga maa idol is stolen, don’t know who did this.

Chandrachur says Tulsipur people have blamed us for the theft, don’t worry. Both the families meet at the village border. Trilochan and Thakumaa argue again. Anirudh taunts her for cheating them by a sweet talk. Chandrachur says now backstabbers will lecture us on trust, we do friendship and enmity on the front. They all point guns at each other. Sarpanch asks Trilochan to say. Trilochan says they have to return us the idol. Chandrachur says they couldn’t keep it safe and now they are blaming us, they want to hide their weakness. Anirudh says its about the idol, we will not let them come to the temple if we find the idol with them. Chandrachur says we agree. The search goes on. The men say we didn’t find the idol anywhere, just Chandrachur’s house is left. Anirudh comes to Thakumaa’s haveli. Bondita smiles seeing him. She asks did you come to take me, shall I get ready. He turns away. She pours water on his head. He asks what’s this. She asks did you say something, look at me.

He shouts did you get the idol. The man says no. Anirudh goes to his jeep. Thakumaa says you got our house and Krishnanagar lanes checked, you didn’t get the idol, shouldn’t we find the idol in Tulsipur. Anirudh says you may come. Chandrachur says if we find the idol with you, then we will get the rights of puja forever. Anirudh says I accept. The men look for the idol. They say we didn’t get it in Roy Choudhary haveli and entire Tulsipur. He recalls making a plan to steal the idol and hiding it in Anirudh’s haveli. Trilochan says whoever has stolen the idol, shoot that person at sight. Bondita recalls hearing Thakumaa and Chandrachur’s plans. She hides the idol somewhere else. She prays to Durga maa.

Anirudh gets Bondita’s letter. He reads, Durga Maa will come back when you leave the enmity and get friendly, you have to come and meet me at the old palace. Somnath hears him. Chandrachur bears his men and asks for the idol. Thakumaa says its someone from family, who knew our plan and spoiled it. Chandrachur says yes. They get angry.

Anirudh comes to the old palace. He gets some pots. He reads the notes kept in the pots. Bondita comes running. He goes to see. He says I know you are here, Bondita. She smiles and says I heard my name from you after 8 years. He says I m not familiar to this name now. She says I will remind you again. He says our lives and names are different, you have to remember this. She asks how shall I believe this. He says I don’t want to hear any argument now. She asks why not, you asked me to argue and make a difference. He says yes, but now nothing is same, stop this hide and seek. She says you are playing this game, I will meet you today and end this meaningless hatred. He turns to go. The lights get on. He sees so many mirrors. She says now you have to see me, you wanted to hide from me, you will just see me and yourself now, just like before. He thinks what’s going on in her mind, no, I won’t see her. Her reflection is seen in all the mirrors. Rishta tera mera…plays…

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