Barister Babu 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Barister Babu 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Barister Babu 7th October 2020 Episode starts with Rasila saying sorry, I don’t like fraud people, you promised to stand by me, recall if you made same promise to someone, then you left her, barister babu. He recalls Bondita and says Bondita… Bondita says mum, we will win in the end, right. Mami says Anirudh is just boasting things, villagers tried to burn Sumati, they can harm her again, how long can you save her. Bondita says I won’t let anything happen to her. Mami says I know someone who can help you. Anirudh asks do you know Bondita, did you meet her. Bhaumik says make this woman out. Anirudh says this time, don’t come in between. He asks did you meet Bondita. She says yes, I met her when I was passing by her village. She tells everything.

She says Bondita said her husband will come to save her, I feel she is living on false hope, she remembers everything, but you forgot everything, so you are making a new relation, congrats. She taunts him. She says I can’t bless you again, I can’t curse you, it will hurt Bondita. Trilochan cries.

She says you are her husband, her teacher, her pride, you left her, you promised her, you got her tagged as an abandoned woman, remember you have done wrong, such women become an entertainment in our market. Sampoorna cries. Anirudh is shocked. Bondita says Gandhi ji is a great man, I will go and meet him, I will ask him to protect us and explain the villagers, not to hurt my mum. Mami says yes, you should go, I know someone who is close to Gandhi ji, he will take you, he has come to Calcutta, you should go. Bondita asks really, but what about mum. Mami says don’t worry for mum, you should go now itself, he is a big man, he may go somewhere else. Bondita says you are right, I will go.

Mami asks Bondita to pack her bag. Bondita says I will take Gandhi ji’s pic with me, I m going to meet him. Rasila says I will go myself, I didn’t see a fraud man like you, you saved her from customs and then left her to become a victim of customs, you should have left her to die. She leaves. The man smiles seeing Bondita. Mami says he will take you to Calcutta. The man asks Bondita to get water. He says I was just seeing if she is fine. Mami says she is fine, take her before her mum gets conscious. Anirudh thinks of Bondita. Rishta tera mera….plays…

Bondita talks of Anirudh and smiles. Binoy asks Anirudh not to think of Rasila’s words. Anirudh says I made Bondita an abandoned woman. Trilochan says you should have thought this before spending a night at Saudamini’s place. Anirudh says Bondita came to me, I made her an abandoned woman. Binoy says I know you respect women, this engagement is to save Saudamini’s respect, I don’t want you to leave Saudamini. Sampoorna says I told you, fate made Anirudh and Bondita’s pairing. Saudamini thinks this time, engagement will happen. She sees Sampoorna and thinks does she know I m acting blind. She acts and steps on Sampoorna’s feet. She says sorry, I didn’t see, I m blind. Mami asks Bondita to just hurry up. Sumati moves her hand and makes the water fall. Bondita turns to see her. Binoy says if Saudamini does anything wrong, then you will be responsible. Trilochan gets Anirudh to Saudamini.

Binoy asks Somnath to get ring fast before Anirudh denies. Somnath gets the ring. Binoy gives the ring to Anirudh. Anirudh sadly thinks of Bondita. She questions him. She says if you made mistake, would I not forgive you, why didn’t you forgive me, you should have not left me, you didn’t stand for me, you didn’t fight for me, you left me alone. He says go from here. She says you said education makes us get sense, but I m illiterate, I didn’t understand Brijvasi was a fraud, how is it my mistake, you told me to study and become barister, but I become an abandoned woman. Anirudh’s dream ends. He says no….Kaka why didn’t you ask me to do my responsibility when I made Bondita out, it was my life’s biggest mistake to send her away, its fine, I will get Bondita back in this haveli, I can rectify my mistake, that’s why I will bring Bondita back in this haveli.


Barister Babu 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Anirudh swears to get Bondita back. He says I won’t return home until I get her back. Bondita is on the way. Anirudh looks for her. He stops a cart and looks for her.


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