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Barister Babu 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Barister Babu 8th July 2021 Episode starts with Bihari saying I want to ask for something. Bondita asks do you want money, I will give it. Bihari says no, just return our old Anirudh to me, he didn’t smile well since 8 years, he is living but not from heart. She says he hates me, he said our relation is over, I can’t come in front of him. He asks since when did you start listening to others, when did you learn to lose, Anirudh has fought the world to make you a barrister, can’t you return happy Anirudh to me, he should live his life like before. He cries and goes. A letter drops there. She picks it. She reads a quote and thinks its a sign of Durga Maa. She keeps the letter. She leaves.

Anirudh is in his office. He sees some shadow. He says don’t follow me, go away from here. Bihari comes with the letters. He says I got the letters from the post office. Anirudh says thanks, did kids have the food. Bihari says yes. He prays that Bondita doesn’t listen to Anirudh and comes in front of him, he just needs Bondita now.

Bondita says why am I not feeling like studying, I don’t find anything interesting. Little Bondita comes there and says you lost your heart somewhere. Bondita says I don’t know, I just read Anirudh’s letter, its fine, I want to know how is he, I want to know every moment which I didn’t feel by my absence here, he is my everything. Young Bondita asks what do you mean. Bondita says he is my everything. Young Bondita asks why are your cheeks turning red by his name, your heartbeat is also getting fast, right. Bondita feels and recalls Anirudh. Young Bondita says you are in love with Anirudh. Bondita says no, its not love, I respect and worship him. Young Bondita says take his name with love, did it play music in your heart. Bondita says Sakha Babu…. yes, so what. She recalls Anirudh.

She admits love and smiles. She thinks of her friend’s words on love. Bondita recalls her promise to Anirudh. She sees the rains and goes out to enjoy. She dances in the rains. Anirudh sees the rains. He stands in the window. Bondita says yes, I m in love with Anirudh. She reads the letter from Vaijanta’s dad. She reads… Vaijanti has fallen ill, she will be fine in some days, you agreed to teach my 18 years old daughter, I m thankful that you got ready to teach her, I can’t trust anyone else than you. She thinks this letter is a sign from Durga Maa, I tried to come in front of Anirudh, he didn’t see me, its good, I will take a disguise and go to Anirudh as Vaijanti, this relation is unique and special, its not of any responsibility, I love you and will always do. Its morning, Trilochan says no, I can’t send any servant to get Vaijanti. Sampoorna says Somnath isn’t at home. Trilochan asks Anirudh to get Vaijanti from the station. Anirudh says I agreed to teach her because of you, send someone else. Trilochan says I have much favors from her dad Chaudhary, terms will spoil. Anirudh says Bihari can go. Trilochan says no need, Vaijanti is new here, anything wrong can happen, Krishnanagar people want to trouble us. Anirudh says right, I will bring her. Trilochan says she won’t know about us, don’t get angry, smile a bit.

Bondita says I was mad to go to Anirudh, I understood that Tulsipur people want to have enmity, its fine, I will show them enmity. Thakumaa smiles. She asks what did you decide now. Bondita says I decided to use my barristry and get against Anirudh, bless me to defeat him. Thakumaa says you will win. Bondita asks shall I go to court now. Thakumaa asks her to go. She prays. She says its good that her education will help us. Chandrachur thinks this change is good, but it should be true. Bondita thinks Anirudh, get ready, I will come in haveli in new look after 8 years.

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