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Bawara Dil 12th July 2021 Sidhi is sadly sitting in her room and cries. Otherside Shiva is sitting on the porch sadly. Sidhi gets a call from Yashwant, he congratulates her on her result. Sidhi says thank you. He says I am miffed because you didn’t tell me, Ishwar messaged me about your result. You should have told me. Sidhi says I am sorry, it’s my mistake.

Shiva gets a call from Ishwar and says I have arranged a tutor for Sonal. Malini takes the call and tells Shiva that I want to invite and Sidhi over dinner. Last time, you cooked everything but this time I won’t let you enter the kitchen. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for Sidhi, we can’t get a better son-in-law. Shiva ends the call. Jalwa comes there and says why are you sitting like this? Shiva says I don’t need you, I will beat so go from here. Jalwa says did you eat anything? Let’s go home, they must be waiting for you. Shiva says no one waits for me in that house now. He thinks Sidhi used to wait for me but not anymore.

At nighttime, Shiva comes home to sees Vijiya sleeping on the dining table. He sits down so Vijiya wakes up and says I was waiting for you. I didn’t eat. Shiva says I didn’t.. Vijiya says you are my son, I would wait for you like always even if you do a mistake. Shiva says I am sorry but I ate outside. Vijiya gets sad. Shiva says but I can have sweets. He serves food to her and says let’s eat. Vijiya is tensed. Shiva makes her eat and praises her sweet dish. Vijiya says I didn’t make it, Sidhi made this sweet dish to celebrate her result but.. Shiva stops eating. Vijiya tells Shiva that he should apologize to Sidhi. Sidhi comes there and sees Shiva’s plate filled with her sweet dish. Shiva says this sweet dish is delicious but my mouth is bitter now, he glares at Sidhi and goes from there. Sidhi looks on.

In the morning, Sidhi is working in the kitchen. Shiva comes there and takes water from the fridge. Sidhi cuts her hand mistakenly and screams. Shiva rushes to her and washes her wound. Sidhi moves away from him. Shiva offers her haldi and says blood will stop. Sidhi says you don’t need to act, there is no reporter or Akka Bai here. You have destroyed my life, I hate you. You did a contract marriage with me for Akka Bai? Your lie destroyed my life. Shiva says you can call me a criminal or anything you want but you don’t know who I am. I wanted to apologize to you but you are so egoistic, you are egoistic about your studies too much. Sidhi says yes I am proud of my studies because I have earned it myself. You had no right to kidnap me, no right to forcefully marry me and no right to burn my mark sheet. You keep doing injustice with me and I am being called egoistic? You did such a good drama with me. You brought my books, you took me to my exam but then what did you do? You burned my marks sheet. Just stay away from me, 6 months will end soon. I am proud because I have studied on my own and there was no Akka Bai for me.

Scene 2
Shiva is leaving the house when a male tutor Kiran comes there. He says Ishwar sent me here to make Shiva’s sister study. Shiva glares at him and says you should leave. Kiran asks who are you? He says I am Shiva Lashkare. Kiran says oh so you are Sidhi’s husband? Shiva asks him to leave. Kiran leaves.

Mangala calls Sarkar and says we couldn’t talk about Sonal’s proposal that day. Sarkar says I will come to your house tomorrow, he ends the call. Mangala tells Vailash that we have to get Sonal married before this Sidhi can spoil her with her studies. She says I will talk to Yashwant once everything is finalized. They turn around to see Sidhi coming there. Mangala asks if she was spying on them? Sidhi says no, I just brought tea. Mangala asks if her ego has gone down after her marks sheet got burned? Sidhi says my future can’t be destroyed because of one paper, that’s what you and your son think. She goes from there.

Ishwar comes to Sidhi’s house. He says I sent Kiran here but Shiva asked him to leave. Shiva comes there and says you heard right. He tells Ishwar that I thought Kiran was a female teacher, I want a female teacher for Sonal. Ishwar says Kiran is a very nice guy and he needs some work. Shiva says I will find another work for him but I can’t allow him to teach Sonal. When your sister is in her youth then you have to protect them. I love Sonal a lot and I don’t like her talking to males. Ishwar says does all professors in her college females? Shiva says I can’t change anything there but I can choose who comes into this house. Ishwar says I am a father of a daughter and you know a male kidnapped her just a day before her wedding. Sidhi is stunned. Ishwar says but I overlooked his bad side so I could see his good side, I can be wrong too. He goes from there. Sidhi glares at Shiva and goes away.

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