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Bawara Dil 13th July 2021 Mangala is making Soni make a roti. She keeps teaching her tips but Sonal is miffed. Mangala says Shiva did the right thing by sending your tutor away. You have everything in this house and I have found a good proposal for you.. I mean I will find a good boy for you. Soni says I want to learn English like Sidhi learned French. Sidhi comes there and hears that. Mangala says your Sidhi could speak French but she doesn’t even have a relationship with her husband, she is mannerless so learn everything from me. Sidhi turns to leave but Shiva is standing there. She tries to move, he tries to move too. Shiva steps away and Sidhi leaves.

A courier boy comes. Sidhi goes to him but Shiva stops her and takes the parcel from him. He asks him to sign the paper. Shiva can’t read it and says I can’t read English. The courier boy says I can’t too. Sidhi sees all this and calls Sonal there. She asks Sonal to go and sign it. Sonal comes to Shiva. She reads that it’s a parcel for her. She signs the paper and opens the parcel to find new books. Mangala comes there too. Sonal can’t read the title. Sidhi says it’s your syllabus books that you have to read. Sonal looks sad and says I can’t even read the title of the book. Sidhi says don’t worry, now I will find a teacher for you. A teacher that no one can send away and won’t make you like me. Shiva starts leaving so Sonal asks where are you going? Sidhi says let him go, he must have some party work. Shiva glares at her and leaves.

Shiva is working out and recalls how he told Ishwar that he wants a female teacher for his sister and then how Ishwar taunted him that he kidnapped his daughter. He recalls Sidhi questioning Akka Bai about the accident. He starts punching the bag angrily. Sidhi comes there and sees him hurting his hand. She goes from there. Shiva thinks Sidhi is not wrong, only I can understand how important education is. Shiva winces in pain after punching the bag. Sidhi comes there and asks him to sit down. I will tie the bandage on your hand. Shiva says don’t show pity to me, I have party work so I have to leave. He angrily leaves. Sidhi looks on.

Vijiya is working in the kitchen. Sidhi comes there to help her. Mangala comes there and says enough of this drama. There will be no tutor for Sonal, only I will decide what’s right or wrong for her, she is my daughter so no one has to find a tutor for her. I will talk to Shiva. She goes from there. Vijiya tells Sidhi that I wish we could help Sonal. Sidhi says we can’t but her brother can help her, but he must be busy with party work. It’s Sonal’s right to get an education and she will study at any cost. Sonal hears all that and is emotional.

Scene 2
Shiva and Jalwa are waiting in Akka Bai’s house. Jalwa says we have been waiting the whole day. Let’s meet her tomorrow. Bhavin comes there and says Akka Bai doesn’t want to meet you, she must be angry about the press conference. Shiva says it’s my fault, it’s her right to be angry, I will wait for her here, Bhavin goes from there. Shiva tells Jalwa that I don’t know how to handle everything. I have to handle this tutoring thing. Jalwa says you should think about Sidhi Tai. Shiva says I am just worried about Sonal’s education.. my focus is on Sidhi. Jalwa says you mean Sonal? Bhavin comes there and says Akka Bai is busy in a meeting, you can come back tomorrow. Shiva sadly leaves with Jalwa.

Sarkar comes to Bhavin and asks him to bring some sarees and sweets. Bhavin says why? He says I have to make new relationships and revenge on old ones. This is all for Sonal and Sidhi.

Sidhi cooks food. All sit to have lunch. Sonal says Sidhi you have made delicious food. Mangala likes it too but doesn’t say anything. Vijiya asks where is Shiva? Sidhi says he.. Shiva comes there and looks at the food. He sees his plate ready and asks Vijiya to prepare another plate. Sidhi thinks his plate is ready, is he taunting me? Sidhi says this plate is for you only. Shiva says I want another plate prepared because someone is here. He calls him inside and it’s Kiran, Sonal’s new teacher. Shiva says he is Sonal’s new teacher. Sidhi smiles hearing that. Mangala says look Shiva, we don’t need any teacher for Sonal. It’s good that you called him so we can clear everything. What you did earlier was right. We can’t hire a guy for Sonal. Shiva says I have talked to Ishwar, I have found everything about Kiran. I also worry about Sonal. And about being them alone, I have an idea. He calls Jalwa there and says he will be with Sonal and Kiran all the time. He asks him to sit down. Sidhi and Sonal are happy. Sidhi smiles at Shiva. Shiva tells Sonal that he is going to be your tutor so call him your sir. Kiran laughs. Shiva says you are laughing? I will make her tie you a rakhi too. Kiran asks if she ties rakhi to Jalwa also? Shiva says your mind and tongue work fast but my arms-legs work fast too so be careful. Just do your work. Kiran looks on. Shiva asks him to eat. Shiva turns but sees Sidhi gone. He thinks when I do something wrong then she scolds me but if I do something right then just silent. He mistakenly throws juice on himself and goes to change.

Sidhi comes to her room and calls Ishwar. Shiva comes out of the washroom and is shirtless. Sidhi looks away. Shiva says my shirt got spoiled so I came to change, I didn’t know you would be here. Sidhi says I also didn’t know you went to meet my father. Shiva says yes, I met your father. Sidhi says when you told me that you had party work? Shiva says I have party work but I have responsibilities that I fulfill, I can’t do anything if people can’t see it. Sidhi says I want to thank you for what you did for Sonal. Thank you.

Sarkar comes to Shiva’s house and sees Sonal studying with Kiran. Sonal is stunned to see him. Sarkar’s servants bring gifts there. Mangala comes there and says Sarkar is here. Sarkar throws away Sonal’s books but Sidhi catches them. Sarkar glares at her. Sidhi says these books don’t belong to the floor. Sonal’s tuition is going on. Shiva comes there. Sarkar tells Mangala that I got slapped but I will ask for forgiveness. He eyes Sonal and tries to go near her but Sidhi stands in front of him. Mangala asks her to move away, let him talk to her. Sonal hugs Sidhi and is scared. Sidhi holds her hand and glares at Sarkar. Mangala goes to Shiva and asks him to say something, he is Sarkar, Akka Bai’s son. She is already miffed with you and he is here to apologize. Shiva is angry at Sarkar and glares at him. Sidhi tells Shiva that I won’t away, if he wants to say something to Sonal then she is hearing. Shiva slightly smiles and looks at Sarkar.

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