Bawara Dil 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update


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Bawara Dil 18th May 2021 Shiva comes to Sidhi and says I wanted to say something, you have taken my burden off by agreeing to teach Soni so thank you. Sidhi says mention not (copying him), he says my pleasure. He starts leaving but says I wanted to ask what fees you will take? She says what? Shiva says you are a tutor and all tutors take it. Sidhi says okay? so you tell me what amount should I ask for? Shiva says how would I know? I never went to a tutor. I just don’t keep favors from anyone, I repay to everything.

Sidhi says you took my peace away by marrying me so can you give that back? Shiva says you always think foolish things? Sidhi throws clothes at him. Shiva says why are you angry? I just asked a question. Sidhi says you make me angry. Shiva says if you don’t want to teach Soni then why did you do the drama outside? Sidhi says you will never understand which thing makes me angry. Shiva says I just asked for a fee, what’s the big deal? Sidhi says Soni is my family and I don’t take fees from my family. Shiva says fine, it’s dangerous to talk to you. I am sorry if I asked about the fees. He picks up the clothes and says don’t throw them down, he throws them on her and says now clean all this. Sidhi shouts ill-mannered, Shiva leaves from there.

Mangala is watching TV on loud volume. Bunty comes there and says Shiva has asked to keep the volume low. Mangala says why? Because his wife is studying? I have to do something about it now.

Shiva sees Sidhi and Soni studying. Sidhi

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