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Bawara Dil 19th July 2021 Akka Bai asks Sidhi if she will have a problem if Sarkar comes to their function? Sidhi says if he doesn’t cross the line then I won’t need to slap him again. I think you should keep him busy with some work so his mind won’t wander. Sarkar says we have kept servants like your husband to do our work. Sidhi says yes, people who can’t do their own work like to hire other people. She starts leaving but Sarkar stops her and says I heard that Shiva threw away that tuition teacher? I heard that he went to your father’s house. Shiva always follows my mother, things like these would happen because he is busy with party work. Sidhi says yes, Shiva came to my father’s house to resolve the issue with the tuition teacher. Akka Bai says so Shiva left his party work to go to your house? Ishwar says yes, he was at our house.

Sarkar says I thought he would be working but he is busy in the house. Sidhi says you are also in your house right now, it’s your party too so you can work also. She goes with Ishwar. Sarkar tells Akka Bai that your dog is too busy in his house, his family is above you now for him. Bai says I am understanding what you are trying to tell me. I know it’s important to send Soni’s marriage proposal. We have to hide it from that Sidhi.Yashwant prays to Lord for Shiva and Sidhi. Soni comes there and says we should do something for them on this Gondal. Yashwant says that Shiva doesn’t give time to Sidhi. Sidhi comes there and greets him. Yashwant looks at his watch and says my watch is not working. Shiva comes there and thinks his watch is old, I should gift him a new one. Sidhi says I can get it repaired, Yashwant says I can get it repaired from Shiva but I don’t use his money.Sidhi sees Jalwa in the house.

He says my stomach is upset. Sidhi says why did Sarkar call you yesterday? Jalwa says Bhavin thought he called me while Sarkar was asking for halwa, he goes from there. Sidhi says Bhavin and Sarkar are cooking something.Bai tells Sarkar that Yashwant would be leaving for Mumbai soon. I have done my work so now you have to do your work Sarkar.Yashwant tells Shiva that he should go to Ishwar’s function. They came to invite you personally. Shiva says I have party work so I can’t go there. Yashwant says I am not going also because I have to go to Mumbai. Can’t you go to my place? Shiva says this function is about keeping evils away but I am the evil one for Sidhi so why should I attend her function? Yashwant says Sidhi takes care of everyone here as a daughter-in-law. Her parents respect you so much so can’t you forget small fights with Sidhi and go there? Shiva says I have party work, he leaves.

Scene 2
Sidhi tells Yashwant that you tried your best, it’s fine. I know you have office work otherwise, I wouldn’t let you go to Mumbai. You are the strength of this house. Yashwant says nothing will go wrong when you are in this house. Sidhi thinks about how to tell him Sarkar is up to something. Yashwant says I can help you with the function. Sidhi says sure.Shiva comes to the mandir. A man asks him to bring the water to the mandir. Shiva fills buckets and starts taking them to the mandir. Jalwa comes there and asks what is all this? Shiva says I lied to the family that I am going for party work but I wanted to earn money here in the mandir so I can gift a watch to baba. Yashwant won’t accept Akka Bai’s money but this is God’s money so he won’t be able to reject it. Shiva works in the mandir, lift heavy stuff so he could earn. He cleans the mandir.Sidhi and Yashwant come to the mandir. Yashwant goes to buy the stuff.

Sidhi goes to drink water. Sidhi is walking towards the mandir while Shiva is working there. Sidhi goes in the mandir while Shiva moves away from there. The mandir manager gives money to Shiva. Jalwa says this won’t be enough for his watch, you can add more money. Shiva says no, I can’t lie to Baba. He prays to Lord to give him an idea.Soni is leaving her college when a kid gives her some box and leaves. Soni opens to find green bangles inside. She gets scared and looks around. Soni says these bangles are for married women, who sent them? Soni gets Sarkar’s friend request and is scared.Sidhi and Yashwant come to Ishwar’s house to see it all decorated. Sarkar is instructing workers to decorate the house. Sidhi glares at him. He sees Yashwant there and touches his feet. He says this is like my own house so I came to work here. Sidhi is about to answer him but Yashwant stops her. He tells Sarkar that if you want to work then do this. He gives a coconut and says can you take it to the mandir that’s on the mountain. Sarkar nods and goes from there. Sidhi tells Yashwant that my blood boils when he is around, why did you ask him to help? Yashwant says we should keep our enemies close so we can keep an eye on their tricks and keep your anger at bay.

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