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Bawara Dil 1st June 2021 Sidhi is worried and thinks who must have leaked the video? Where is Shiva? Soni comes there and asks if something was found? Sidhi says Shiva hasn’t come till now. Vijiya comes there and strikes with Soni, Soni says sorry and picks up her diya. Sidhi calls Jalwa but he’s not picking up. She says this is all because of me, I should have just mopped the floor. Vijiya says he was helping you as your husband, he cares about your studies so it’s fine. Mangala comes there and says this all happened because of this girl, she wants to study and destroy our lives, she can’t even mop the floor. Akka Bai scolded Shiva because of you.

If you want to study then why all of us have to pay for it? Sidhi says it has nothing to do with my studies. Mangala says Shiva mopped the floor because of your studies, everyone must be laughing at my son, I promise my son that I won’t do anything bad but if something happens to son then I will kill you. All are stunned. Mangala tries to leave but slips and falls down. All rush to her. Mangala says this is black magic done by Sidhi, she is doing all this. Shiva comes there and asks what happened? Mangala says your wife pushed me, she made my back hurt. Sidhi says I didn’t do anything. Shiva asks her to stop it and takes Mangala inside. Soni asks Sidhi to not worry and let’s go to the doctor.

Sidhi and Soni come to the hospital. Sidhi sees Sagar there and sees him with Narpat’s man, they drive away. Sidhi thinks what is he doing with Narpat’s man?

Sidhi comes home and sits with Shiva. She asks what did the doctor say? Shiva says he has given medicine to her. Sidhi says I didn’t do anything with her. Shiva says you don’t have to explain, I know you wouldn’t deliberately hurt her. Sidhi asks if he found something about the video? Jalwa comes there and says I can’t remember anything, we have to find the truth. Shiva says I won’t have any identity left if Akka Bai disowns me. Sidhi looks on and asks Jalwa to calm down and try to recall who he met today. We can solve this. Jalwa says I made the video and showed it to my friends, then I left the phone in the jeep.. yes Sagar came there to ask about Shiva. Sidhi says what? Shiva says Sagar is Sidhi’s brother so he can never do anything like this. Sidhi thinks I saw Sagar with Narpat’s man.

Sidhi comes to her house and meets Sagar. She says you gave Shiva’s video to Narpat’s man right? Sagar says it’s not like that. Sidhi says just tell me if you gave the video to Narpat or not? Sagar says you are doubting me? Sidhi says you came to my house but didn’t meet me? Sagar says I wanted to meet Shiva and he was not there so I left. Sidhi says you got the video from Jalwa’s phone that’s why you left right? Sagar says yes, I am working for Narpat but I have nothing against Shiva or Akka Bai. I am doing all this to help Bai. Sidhi says how? You are targeting an innocent man.

Sagar says you care about your husband now? Baba will be happy to hear this. Sidhi says it’s not like that, you cheated and went against him. Sagar says I know what I did and I will talk to Akka Bai. Sidhi says then come home with me, she will talk to Shiva. Sagar says I will talk to her on my own terms. Sidhi says I will tell our parents if you don’t come with me. Sagar says now you are threatening your brother? Sidhi says I am not, you know when your name came up, Shiva trusted you completely and said you can’t do it, if you confess then it will be salvageable otherwise I will have to tell. You will stoop low in his eyes and you know how he is, he beats first and then talk. Sagar gets scared.

Jalwa cries and tells Shiva that I will take the blame, I will lie that I took money from Narpat. I know Akka Bai is God to you and you can’t be away from her. Shiva recalls a flashback of how once he had accidentally hit a man and the police caught him. Akka Bai came to the police station and told him that she would take care of him and nothing will happen to him from there onwards. The flashback ends. Shiva hugs Jalwa and says nothing will happen to you. Jalwa cries and says I did a mistake. Shiva says I will go to Narpat and ask him to confess if he wants to live.

Bai comes there and asks Shiva if he has the answer to her question? Shiva looks down. Mangala comes there and says Sidhi must have done all this, our maid left and then.. Bai says I don’t care what happens in your house. She asks Shiva to answer her otherwise it will be their last meeting. Shiva says please don’t say that, you know you are my life. Bai says you have done a lot for me but I can’t ignore this, I am like your mother so I have to punish you. Will you tell me how that video reached Narpat? Sidhi comes there with Sagar and says I will answer you Akka Bai. Bai says so tell me who is the culprit?

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