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Bawara Dil 20st May 2021 Shiva is sitting in his room. Sidhi comes there and looks at him. She says uh.. I heard Soni and Jalwa outside, what you did for me, after that I want.. Shiva says you want to thank me? Sidhi says thank you so much. Shiva says it’s okay, you agreed to teach Soni so how could I let your studies stop? Sidhi recalls how she had torn her entrance pass and sits beside Shiva. She says I have torn that hall ticket, what will I do now? Shiva says I have been in politics for years so I know how the public will react to things, I knew you would tear it. That hall ticket was fake. Sidhi is confused. Shiva shows her the real hall ticket and says this is your dream, your hard work. He gives it to her. Sidhi smiles. Shiva says now study hard. Sidhi can’t stop smiling. Shiva says don’t forget to take it at the time of your exam as then I will have to beg your dean again. Sidhi smiles and holds her ear as an apology. They smile at each other. Ishq ki gusthakiyan plays.

In the morning, Mangala is playing with Bunty and Bubbli. Vijiya comes there and says you are playing in this age with them? Mangala says I was a champ in my age. Vijiya gives money and the grocery list to Bunty, she asks them to bring it. They leave. Mangala gets an idea and asks Vijiya to bring water, she leaves from there. Mangala takes some beads that Bunty was playing with. Mangala says I always took Vijiya as my younger sister but she is taking that Sidhi’s side now. slips on the beads. She falls down and screams. Mangala smirks and rushes to her. Sidhi runs there. Vijiya can’t get up. Mangala and Sidhi help her to get up. Vijiya says my back is broken, they left the beads here. Mangala asks her to go and rest. Sidhi takes Vijiya from there. Mangala thinks now she won’t be able to help Sidhi, I am sorry Vijiya but you had to pay for your mistake.

Sidhi is in the kitchen. Vijiya comes there. Sidhi says I told you that you have to rest. Vijiya says I am fine now. Sidhi makes her sit down and says I will do all the work in the kitchen, just teach me. Vijiya says fine, you were so sad yesterday but you are glowing today, what happened? Sidhi says you know about everything so Soni didn’t tell you? Vijiya says I want to hear from your mouth. Vijiya winces in pain and says my back is hurting. Sidhi says I aill apply a balm, vijiya says I am fine. She asks Sidhi if she can give milk to Shiva? Sidhi says he can come here and take it. Vijiya says I give him daily. Sidhi says fine, I will give it to him.

Sidhi comes to Shiva who is working out. She looks at his muscles. Shiva sees her there, she looks away and says milk. He is confused and says you? Sidhi says Vijiya kaki has back pain so I brought it. He drinks it. Sidhi keeps eyeing him, he hints what? She shakes her head and starts leaving. Shiva says thaank uo. Sidhi says mention not. She starts leaving but turns and says it’s not thaank uo, it’s thank you. Shiva says I said the same thing. Sidhi says say it properly. She teaches him but he can’t pronounce it correctly. Sidhi asks him to touch his tongue on the roof of his mouth and say. Shiva tries and can pronounce it correctly. Sidhi smiles.

Scene 2
Mangala tells Kaka that I feel something wrong is going to happen today. She turns to see Shiva and Sidhi smiling at each other. She tells Kaka that this is going all wrong, we have stop this friendship.

Vijiya is helping Sidhi. Sidhi comes there and asks her to not do any work in the kitchen. I will massage your back. Vijiya says we have to cook. Mangala comes there and says we will order food or I can cook food. My back pain might hurt too, we have a daughter in law but she can’t cook simple food. We will order it. She leaves from there. Vijiya asks Sidhi to not feel bad about her words. Sidhi says she is right, I can’t cook anything. Vijiya says I will teach you, don’t worry. Soni comes there and tells Sidhi that I have an idea. You should learn how to cook rotis in your room, I will take all the things and bring them to your room. She asks Vijiya to go to her room and teach her there. Sidhi is stunned. Soni says I need you to cook round rotis so you can start teaching me fast. Soni takes all the necessary items and puts them in her bag. They start leaving but Kaka asks what were you doing in the kitchen? Soni says I went to get water. I have to go now. Kaka says okay. Soni leaves with Sidhi and Vijiya.

Sidhi makes Vijiya sit in her room. Soni gives them all the items and says now make round rotis. Sidhi says your mind works in all this? I would have never been able to answer Kaka as she did. Soni says I silently took his money too. Vijiya glares at her. Sidhi says this is wrong, you shouldn’t take money like this, give it back to him. Soni says he wouldn’t care. Sidhi says but it’s about your morals, give it back to him. Soni says you are stubborn, she hugs her.

Sagar tells Shiva that Narpat gave me this money so I can become his spy and give him news about your house. Shiva says then what did you think? Sagar says I won’t do it, Sidhi is my sister and you are my brother-in-law. I just came here to tell you this and show this money as proof. Shiva says fine, let Narpat think that you are his spy. Sagar says what about this money? It’s Narpat’s. Shiva says nobody owns the money, if you have it then it’s yours, keep them with you.

Kaka comes to Mangala and says I have a solid idea to separate Sidhi and Shiva. Mangala gets excited. Kaka tells her the plan. Mangala laughs and says this is a great idea.

Sidhi kneads the flour. Vijiya teaches her but has back pain. Sidhi says I am doing all this, just don’t move. Vijiya asks her to make a round roti. Sidhi says I can’t do this. Look at this map of a roti. Vijiya laughs. Sidhi says I am in trouble. Vijiya says just focus and learn, start again. They hear Mangala shouting.

Mangala is screaming that someone has stolen my necklace. Vijiya and Sidhi come there. Mangala says my necklace is gone. Kaka says she checked everywhere, only Shiva’s room is left. Vijiya says who will put it there? Mangala asks Sidhi if she has any issues if they search her room? Kaka says why would she care? They go to check her room. Sidhi tells Vijiya that all roti items are there, they can’t see it.

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