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Bawara Dil 20th April 2021 Mangala asks Malini to get lost, you think you could scare my son like this? Malini says your son scares people as a goon in this village but I am not scared of this goon, my daughter is missing when he took her to Pune, ask him where my daughter is? She asks Shiva. Mangala says you think I have hidden your daughter? She might have run away with her lover, she has destroyed the peace in our house, she is a curse on us. Malini says enough, don’t say anything for my daughter. You don’t strength to tarnish my daughter’s name, think about your son first, I don’t need to talk about his reputation, I just need to know where my daughter is. She asks Shiva where is her daughter? Mangala says why are you asking him? Stay away from my son. Yashwant comes there. The women tell Mangala that it’s her mistake, her daughter went missing when she was living in your house. Yashwant tells Malini that we are trying our best to find her. Malini says I don’t care now, I will find my daughter myself. She leaves from there.

Malini sits in her house and looks at Sidhi’s photo. She says where are you? I am missing you, you said you would never leave me alone, she says I asked you to run away and not marry that guy but you worried for us and got married, where are you now? Why are you not worried about us now? What will I do? Where will I find you?

Scene 2
Malini comes out and sees Shiva there. She tells Sagar that I won’t be silent now. Sidhi used to be our happiness but where will I find her? Sagar asks her to go inside but she says I won’t go away, she asks Shiva to hear her. She tells Shiva that I can hear Sidhi’s voice here, she used to keep talking in this house. She cries and says where will we find her now? Shiva asks her to sit down, Malini breakdowns and cries. Shiva consoles her and says I know I don’t have a right to say anything right now but still I want to say to trust me, I am promising you that I will bring back your daughter. I know I said it before but I don’t have anything to give it to you right now. I can just say that if I can’t bring your daughter back then I won’t return to this world as well. He touches her feet and leaves from there.

Vijiya comes to Shiva and says why are you sitting alone? You should go to sleep. Shiva asks if she ate something? Vijiya says yes, I don’t want to worry you. She says you know once I had a big fight with your kaka, he left the house and I thought he will come back but he didn’t return for 2 days. In those 2 days, I experienced anger, sadness, fear and everything, when he returned I was so happy that my anger faded away. Shiva says I just want her to return, she was my responsibility, she is. I just want her back for everyone. Vijiya says for you as well? Shiva says my relationship with her is not like yours with Kaka. He asks her to go to sleep, Vijiya leaves from there.

Shiva is sitting in the lounge when he hears some noise. He looks outside and sees a woman’s shadow. He comes out and looks around. He finds a girl standing there and thinks it’s Sidhi but it’s Jhanvi. He says you here at this time? Jhanvi says what happened in the morning, what I did in the morning was wrong so I came here to say sorry. Forgive me, please. He says okay but we shouldn’t meet like this, you should go back. Jhanvi says we are friends, we used to meet like this before also. You used to spend so much time with me and wouldn’t want to be away from me. Shiva asks her to go back. Jhanvi says how is your wife? she is very lucky to marry you. Did she come back from Pune? Shiva says no, she didn’t return till now, she will be back soon. Jhanvi says you will find her soon, you found me too. Shiva says why you keep bringing up the past? Go home. Yashwant comes there and asks who is he talking to? Jhanvi greets him and says I was just passing by and saw Shiva. I should leave now, she goes from there. Yashwant is apprehensive and glares at Shiva, he leaves from there. Shiva thinks how to tell him there is nothing between me and Jhanvi.

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